Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


4. home alone

David's POV

Well hello there I'm David and I'm 20. I'm Jades step brother my job in the house is to tease her and play with her emotions. Like I mean tease as in wear a loose towel around my waist or maybe lick her lips or do a sexy smirk I dunno. I also have to do sexual stuff to her around the house like smacking her butt or maybe push her against a wall and push my self on her until I go hard. But she's gone somewhere and she hasn't come back for 2 days now I think she ran away.

Chris' POV

Heyy I'm Chris Jades eldest step brother I'm 21 and I haven't had sex with Jade for 2 days now and I'm going insane.

Niall's POV

I'm giving Jade some time alone right now. She's up in her room doing something.

Jades POV

I need to get out of here I will get out of here. It's 10PM every ones sleeping I'm about to leave when Niall comes into my bed and puts his arms around me. "Good night." He whispers. "Good night."I whisper back. I feel safe in his arms because I know he won't rape me but I still have to leave.

**morning time**

"WAKE UP!" Harry sings to me and Niall. I yawn and sit up. "Niall we all have to go out do you think Jade can stay here for the day?" Niall looks at me and back at Harry." Ask Jade" he says in a tired voice and breaths out loudly. Harry looks at me. "Will you be alright until about 5PM?" I nod. "Sure I don't mind."

"Okay Niall go get dressed we're going now and Jade you can eat any thing out of the kitchen." 5 minutes later they were all gone. I decided this could be the only time to escape I have about 9 hours so I better start going. I have nothing here to pack but I went through some cupboards and found a photo of all the boys and put it in my pocket. How will I find my way back. I step out of their house and look at the street oh haha I know where I am I'm in the rich street I need to get to the average street it's only a 20 minute walk.

**20 minutes later**

I'm finally home I take a deep breath and knock. I hear the door open. I see a hand pull me in by my shirt. He chucks my on the couch. "and where the hell were you darling?"

"I was, well I dunno.."

"You know dad died yesterday? Guess what his last wish was..." I look at both my step brothers curious. "What?"

"He said when we find Jade she's gonna get it." I know where this is going. Chris takes off my top and since David is so good at taking off clothes in less than 3 seconds I was naked. "You're first." Chris says and walks out the room. David picks me up bridal style and proceeds to his bedroom. I kick and scream. So he puts me over his shoulder. He locks the door and chucks me on the bed. He immediately put him self inside my mouth I started to choke but he gets mad when I choke so I just decided to pleasure him. After a couple of hours I got extremely tired and started to push him off But his grip was too strong. "Please, I'm tired!" I beg him to stop. "Honey we're only just getting started." He says and puts his finger inside me. He pulls it out and licks it. He flips me around so I'm like a dog. "NO! Don't do it please!" He giggles. "Don't worry I'll pull it out if I'm going to I'm not an idiot!" Yes you are. I start to cry. He keeps going in and out it feels soo good but I have to hold back to moans. My eyes widen once I feel something warm inside me. I go forward and turn around! "You retard you could of made me pregnant I'm your step sister!" He looks at me. "What did I do?" I roll my eyes. "You know what you did I felt it!" He chuckles. "Not funny if I do end up pregnant you're helping with the baby!"

"Look you're my best sister so I won't hurt you I would have gone way harder on you if you were a random girl" he smirks. "What do you mean by hurt?" I shiver. "You know in sex.."

"This is not sex it's rape." I shout. He rolls his eyes and chucks me in the corner. "NIALL you're up!" Niall. "Wait you mean the Irish Niall?" David nods and finishes getting undressed. How could he I thought Niall was here to help me but I guess he was here to rape me. Niall walks in while I cry in the corner. "Get on this bed now!" Niall shouts at me. David stands at the door and watches. "Well don't be shy!" Niall smashes his lips against mine. "It's not the same can I take her to her room?" David rolls his eyes and nods. Niall winks at me and gives me his top to wear he walks over to my room. David follows and still stands at the door Niall starts to make out with me. "That's better." David chuckles and walks out closing the door behind him. "Sorry for kissing you. We have to get out of here now pack your stuff." So he's not here to rape me? He's here to save me! He even apologised for kissing me:) I hug him really tight. "Thank you soo much!" I pack every thing and we climb out the window but I'm on the 2nd floor but some how we got out with all my bags. He put me bags in the back seat and I got into the passenger seat. We start driving. I burst out crying. "It's okay you're leaving hell now." He stops the car on the side of the road. "It's not that.." He looks at me. "What is it then?" I have to tell him he will help me through it. "I'll tell you when we get home"

Cliff hanger! How do you like me now?

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