Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


16. apology accepted

"DAVID!" I half yell. Niall walks to the back of the room and faces the wall with Alyssa. "Jade!" He walks to the bed. Louis as Liam hold him back. "Guys relax I'm here to ask her a question!" They sorta let go of him. David reached in his pocket and gets on one knee. "Jade I love you will you marry me please?" I put on a disgusted face. "David you fucken retard after all the times you raped me you expect me to love you? You're a disgusting person and I hate you! I'll never love you even a bit now get the hell out of my face!" I say not breaking eye contact with him. "You have to love me I'm your step brother!" His face clearly angry. "I'm her real brother though." Liam smirks at David. David gives him a death glare. "Can I see the baby?"

"What the fuck, no!" He's not going any where near my baby. "It's my baby!" Harry and Louis push him out of the room. Then Chris bursts in, Louis and Harry hold him back. "No stop I just want to apologise!" He says calmly. Harry and Louis let go as they roll their eyes at Chris. "Jade I'm just so sorry for what I did to you through these years I feel really bad I hope you move on and start a new life with Niall and your kids." He kisses my forehead and Liam gives him a death glare. "I love you sis." And Chris walks out. Wow Chris apologised I feel soo happy. And then a doctor steps in and pokes her head through the door. "Miss Payne you can go home now." She smiles at us and I get up from the bed. 10 minutes later we are already in the van. Louis starts driving and Niall puts her in her seat. "Alex meet Alyssa your new sister!" Niall smiles at Alex. "Hello Alyssa!" He try's to touch we face but I move his hand away. "Honey, we can't touch the baby's face because new born babies can get germs really easily."

"Sorry mum." I giggle and put him on my lap. Niall can't stop looking at her he's soo protective over her it's not even funny. "We're home!" Louis says. "Niall you can carry her in if you want?" Niall smiles. "Really?"

"Yeah she's your daughter!" I laugh. "Thanks babe!" He kisses my cheek. "Ewwwww!" Alex laughs. Me and Niall laugh as well. We all enter the house. "Niall can you look after those two while I rest please?"

"Of course. I'd love to!" I smile at Niall and walk up stairs and just fall on my bed. Oh there's a note.

Dear Jade,

Hey it's your mum again!

Congratulations on your engagement! I like Niall he suits you well he's very protective over you, Alyssa and Alex I'm happy about that.

Also Chris is going to kill himself like right now.

Bye sweetie!

Still Jades POV

My eyes widen I run down stairs and grab Louis by the shirt and drag him out the door. "Drive me to my step brother house, quick I'll explain on the way!" We sprint to the van. He starts to drive. "Okay so I get notes from my mum every now and then only me,Niall,Liam,Alyssa and Alex can see then because they're family. It said in the last paragraph Chris is going to kill himself!" I say really quickly. "So.. Isn't that a good thing?"

"No I don't want any one to die!" We arrive at the house and I frantically knock on the door and hold into Louis' top. David opens it and I pull Louis to Chris' door. I knock on it really hard. "CHRIS OPEN YOUR DOOR!" I he'll and knock. After about 2 minutes he opens it. "What I was doing something!"

"I know you were gonna kill your self please don't! Why would you do that any way?"

"The guilt was killing me I'm a horrible person!"

"No your not I forgive you just don't do it please!" I hug him and cry into his shirt. He hugs me back and cries into my hair. "I love you, you're my stepbrother! I can't hate you you're like family to me!"

"Thank you!" After about 5 minutes we pulls away and Louis is standing there awkwardly. "Can we go know?" Louis asks still standing there. "Yeh.. Bye Chris!" I wave and walk out of the house. Me and Louis drive home. I walk in the front door and go to the living room. Niall's in there with the kids. "Alex can you go play with Louis I need to tell dad something." Alex nods and walls out. "Jade where you crying?" Niall examines my eyes. I tell him all about the note and what happened at my brothers house. "Ohh wow!" Niall says weirdly. I nod and laugh. "Any ways I'm actually going to rest now." I smile and walk to my bedroom.

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