Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


26. announcements

Jades POV

2 months have passed since iv met the girls we've been going out a lot lately, Zayn and Perrie are getting married next week and me and the girls are brides maids! Perries dress is beautiful on her. Me and Niall are finally married. I told the girls about the kids and why I had them they know all about my step brothers, I told them because I feel they are going to be life friends. "GIRL TIME!" We all laugh and walk to the spare room which we've actually turned into our room, we have posters, we painted the walls pink and yellow and we've taken out the bed and put couches in with really nice pillows. "Okay going around in a circle let's do announcements!"

"Okay weeeeeell me and Liam did it last night and I think I'm pregnant.." Sophia says. "Is that good or bad?"

"I dunno we aren't even married yet and we've only dated for a year now.." She says sadly. "Don't worry we'll tell Liam later, okay Perrie on to you!" She smiles really huge. "Im pregnant!" We all do that high pitched squeal. "I'm soo excited!!"

"Oh and since you're Zayn best friend you can be godmother Jade!" I scream and I hug her. "Thank you soo much Perrie!" I'm soo excited for their baby!! "Is it a girl or a boy?"

"It's a boy!" We all celebrate. "Okay my announcement is that me and Niall finally did it on our wedding night!!" The girls all celebrate. "Okay Eleanor?"

"Well... LOUIS PROPOSED!!" She holds out her hand. It's a beautiful ring. We all scream really loudly. "What wrong!" The boys come running in. "We told you guys not to come in here, we are just excited!"

"Did you see the ring?" Louis smirks. "You proposed!" Harry grabs Eleanor's hand to see the ring. "Amazing! It's beautiful!" Harry let's go of Eleanor's hand and pats Louis on the back, although you can see the hurt in his eyes because his bromance is getting married. "Yeah it is, GET OUT! You guy are not aloud in this room ever only the girls!" The boys run out. We all laugh.

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