Crazy in Love

Niall and Sophie have been dating for a while now, but what happens when Niall goes out of control and an crazy ex girlfriend comes into the picture?

"Niall your going crazy, your out of control" explained Sophie
"Crazy in love" replied Niall cheekly


3. Unexpected...

3 weeks later

Louis P.O.V

A week ago Liam had an idea, we should all move in together. So we packed up all our stuff and bought a HUGE, and I mean HUGE mansion with a pool, tennis court, spa, theatre room and 6 Bedrooms. I share a bedroom with El of course, Perrie and Zayn share, Liam recently got together with Millie so they share and Harry and Grace are a new couple, seems like Harry got over Sophie THANK GOD. Now the only single ones are Niall and Sophie, they are the only people that dont know they have crushes on each other.


Sophies P.O.V

I was getting ready for the day when there was a knock on the door. "come in!" I yelled "Hey, Lou said when need some milk and bread and he asked if you could go get it? asked Eleanor. Since we all moved in together I have really got to know El and it seems that we were seperated at birth, we basically have everything in common. 


Niall P.O.V

The boys have convinced me to tell Sophie how I feel about her and Harry has come up with a stupid plan tto get us together. I saw Sophie coming down the stairs wearing a purple dress which ends just above the knee, black wedges with her long blonde hair in its natural waves. I felt my jaw drop... "I'm going to the supermarket, I't seems that somebody is to lazy to go themself" Sophie said whilst glaring at her brother "I'll come with you" I said without thinking, why the hell did I say that, I thought to myself "Sure, thanks Niall" she replied in her cute accent


Sophie P.O.V

We were driving back from the supermarket in silence, I was wondering if maybe I should tell Niall how I feel, maybe he feels the same... nah who am I kidding he would never feel the same way... well maybe, he seemed eager to come with me today. As well pulled up to the house I decided against it, maybe I will tell him later. As I was about to get out the car Niall stopped me.


Niall P.O.V

As she was about to get out of the car I stopped her, this was my opportunity "Sophie............



Cliff hanger, thank you so much to all of my lovely readers. Sorry I havent updated in a while and this chapter was really short but its CHRISTMAS!! I will try to update soon xx

Merry Christmas,



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