I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


7. the beach... and revenge


I woke up as i felt someone call me gently. Whoever it was, was running their hand through my hair continuously. Wow. "Nialler... Niall... Wake up..." A female voice said. It was very soothing and really familiar. I opened my eyes and saw Charlotte, already looking fresh, her jet black hair in a high ponytail. Her azure blue eyes sparkling. She smiled as she saw me awake. She kissed my cheek and stood up. "Wake up its 9 o'c clock. Everyone is having breakfast." She said gently. I threw a pillow at her. "but its saturday!" i groaned. she chuckled. "i know babe but get up. the other lads are worried sick." she said rather calmly. I sat up and nodded, and headed to my room and freshened up.

I went down to the living room and saw the other lads having breakfast. Harry was serving pancakes. I sat down on a chair between Charlotte and Louis. I started eating pancakes. "I went to your room to wake you up, but you weren't there. I started to panic. Thats when i saw Lottie, and she said you were at her room." Liam said. Louis smirked. I felt my cheeks go hot. "Well, i didn't wanna leave Lottie alone so i laid down and i... Umm... Fell asleep." I said. The other's 'ooh'-ed, making me blush more!

Lottie's POV:

I'm so glad to have a boyfriend like Niall. He is so protective and caring. Last night he carried me to the room, and he stayed with me. Thats so sweet of him to do. I never imagined anyone would love me like that, especially not my most fave lad of the worlds most biggest boy band!

"The pancakes are amazing Haz." Louis said. Harry beamed as the others agreed. Niall ate 10 pancakes! While the others ate just 3. "Oh my god! Nialler! Thats a lot!" I said as he ate the tenth piece, while i was eating the forth. He pouted. "Nah! Thats a few for Nialler." Zayn said shaking his head. The others nodded in agreement.

"So whats today's plan?" Harry asked. Louis smirked. "Practical jokes!" He yelled. The others laughed. "I know who you'll target for..." Zayn said smirking. Louis nodded. "Of course! Our newcomer. Lottie Gordon!" Louis said slyly and left. Uh oh! This isn't good. I cry every time someone puts up a practical joke on me. This doesn't smell any good either!

I went to my room and did a bit of unpacking. I sat down on the bed and took out my clothes from the suitcase. "Love?" Someone called from the doorway. I looked around and saw Niall. "Oh hey." I replied. He came and sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. "Would you like to go to a date?" Niall asked. I smiled. "Of course" i said. He nodded. "Get ready For tonight. We're going to Nandos." He said. I nodded. He looked at the suitcase, then at me. "Lets unpack together. I'll help you." He said. I nodded as he helped me unpack.

It was 10:30 when we were done. "Whew! Thats done then! Lets go to the boys." Niall said. I nodded. We went down the stairs and saw the lads were in the living room. "Oh hey Nialler. and you too Lottie" Zayn greeted us. "Hi Malik." I greeted back. Niall sat on the couch. I sat down between him and Harry. "Lets play a game!" Louis yelled. The others nodded. "Which game?" Harry asked. Louis made a thinking face and smirked. Zayn rolled his eyes. "Not truth or dare again?" Zayn asked sarcastically. Louis's smirk vanished. "Oh c'mon DJ Malik! I wanna play truth or dare!" Louis groaned. I stood up. "Majority would win. Who wants to play truth or dare, raise your hand." I said. Lou's hand shot up. No one else raised their hands. "No one else?" I asked. They shook their heads.

The instant the doorbell rang. "I'll go get it." I said and dashed to the door. I opened the door and saw Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor. "Oh hey." I greeted. They smiled. "Hey sweetie." Danielle greeted back and smiled. "Hello." Eleanor and Perrie greeted. I smiled. "Come in. The boys would love to know you guys are here." I said and let them in.

"Guys! Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor are here!" I called out. The next thing i knew is, Liam, Zayn and Louis dashing past me and giving Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor a hug."We brought you all some good news." Danielle said. The others looked surprised. "What is it?" Louis asked. Eleanor smiled. "We're going to the beach! Today! In the evening." She exclaimed. We all cheered. "Thats great!" I exclaimed. She smiled. "You're coming shopping with us." Perrie said. Danielle leaned in. "You have to impress Niall with a hot bikini shouldn't you?" She said nudging me with her elbow. Eleanor and Perrie giggled. I felt myself blush.

The other lads went to the living room while Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and i went to my room for a bit of talk.

"We know your with Niall. The paps do their job, but in a bad way. We know the whole news wasn't true. We're sorry." Eleanor said. I nodded. "Its their fault. You don't have to feel sorry. I'm already being bullied by the so called 'school mates' they told. They're my bullies." I said. Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie looked shocked. "Really? Well, the paparazzi used to twist the whole story, to make it 'interesting' in their way. We celebrities are their bait. See, once they said on the news that i said i actually hate Zayn when i actually said, the only thing i slightly dislike about Zayn was his smoking habit. Zayn knew i never would say anything like that. The paps are evil!" Perrie said. I knew the news pretty clearly. I saw it myself on the T.V."I know. I never could have believed it either." i said. They all nodded.

"You are so lucky you know." Perrie said. "Uh.. Why?" I asked her. I was pretty confused. She looked rather shocked. "That your a directioner and this is actually a directioners dream. Being the true love of one of the lads." Perrie said rather surprised. Thats quite true, this IS something which happen in 2 million girls dreams. But for me its happening in real life. i guess I am one lucky girl. "Yeah. I thought i'd have the same old miserable life. Being physically and mentally bullied by Britney, Ashley and Natasha." I said sadly. "If you don't mind, can you tell us about the bullies and bullying?" Eleanor asked. I nodded and explained how they used to hurt me, how they call me names, How they embarrass me in front of the whole school, how no one helped or supported me through this miserable life.

Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie had their mouths slightly open in shock. "I never knew anyone could have such a miserable life." Danielle said sadly. "You deserve being with Niall. After what is happening to you."Eleanor said. I smiled weakly. "Thanks." I muttered. They smiled. "Welcome." Perrie said.

"Lets go shopping!" Perrie exclaimed. Eleanor high fived her. "Alright! Lets go!" She yelled and we went down to where all the boys were. "Hiya ladies." Harry said and winked. "Hey harry" Eleanor said. "We're going for a bit of shopping." Danielle said. The boys nodded. "Have fun Love!" Niall called out. I nodded and went outside with the other girls.

"I drive you know. We came here in my car and we're going to the mall in my car." Said Perrie. I nodded and saw a jaguar car. "Wow..." I muttered in awe. Perrie smiled. "I'm glad you liked it. C'mon and get in!" Perrie exclaimed and practically jumped into the drivers seat. I sat down on the widow side next to Eleanor. "To the mall!" She exclaimed and Perrie nodded.

In the car, we all sang 1D songs together. Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie got a tweet at once but they just shrugged it off. First we sang, 'live while we're young' next it was 'best song ever'

when we were singing 'story of my life' we arrived to the mall. And saw none other than; the paparazzi. They were waiting by the mall entrance, as if they knew we were heading here. Eleanor Groaned. "Not again?!"she groaned. Danielle looked confused."How did they know?!" She asked us. Perrie shrugged. Then something popped into my mind. "The tweet!" I exclaimed. They all looked at me as if i was mental. "What?" Eleanor asked. I shook my head. "The tweet you guys got at the same time! Check it out! It might be one of the boys!" I said irritatedly. They vigorously nodded and checked their phones. "Omfg your right Lottie!" Perrie said. I leaned to Eleanor's phone. "All the girlfriends headed to the mall! Have fun!" Was a tweet by Harry. "Shit! Harry!" Perrie groaned. "But its not his fault. He wouldn't expect paparazzi to mob us!" I said. They all nodded. "Your right. Lets just face it and get into the damn mall!" Eleanor said. We all nodded and got out of the car.

The paps came rushing toward us. They surrounded us, blocking our path. "Are you Niall's Horan's new girlfriend?" Asked a blonde news reporter. I nodded. "Yes i am." I said bravely. "How did you meet?" A guy news reporter asked. "Well, i got bullied at school and went to a park to be left alone when he found me." I said simply. He nodded. "Who were the bullies? Could you give names?" Another reporter asked. "Sorry but no. I don't wanna ruin their family reputation by giving names. I am not that unkind." I said curtly.

"Now will you please step aside? We are here shopping. Not for an interview. we will answer all these questions in interviews if you please excuse us for our private time together." Danielle asked them kindly. They nodded and made a path. "Thank you" i said sweetly and they all nodded.

"That would be the headlines and breaking news today. They'll make up names for your bullies and make the meeting like, you begged Niall to comfort you or something." Perrie said sarcastically. We all laughed. Eleanor looked at her laughing."that was the most stupidest news someone could make." She said wiping a tear of laughter of her face. I nodded. "But I don't care. Its okay." I said. They all nodded.

We entered a shop which sold summer beach stuff and tried on some bikinis. "I think Zayn would like this blue one, but this orange one is so cute!" Perrie said. I shrugged. "Do whatever you want." I told her. She thought about it for a moment. "I'll buy the both but i'll wear the blue one today." She said. I nodded. "Good idea." I said the instant something caught my eye. A bright parrot green and lime green striped bikini. "Omfg! Wow!" I exclaimed. The other girls looked at me. I dashed towards the bikinis and held it and examined it. "That looks awesome! Nialler wouldn't wanna take his eyes off you." Eleanor said. I felt my cheeks go hot. "Thanks. I guess i'll buy this one! Its so cute!" I exclaimed more. Danielle chuckled. "Sure. I'll pay." She said. I shook my head. "No. Last time Zayn payed for me. This time i'll do it myself." I said pouting in disagreement. Danielle shook her head. "I'm paying for EACH one of you." She insisted. Eleanor gave her a hug. "Aww thanks Dannie!" She said. Perrie nodded in agreement. Danielle nodded. "Sure. My pleasure." She said.

We bought the bikinis. Perrie bought both the orange and blue ones, Eleanor bought a red one, Danielle bought a purple and black polka dotted one, while i bought the lime green and parrot green striped one.

We went home to see the boys doing different stuffs; Louis, Harry and Liam were crying their eyes out while watching 'Marley and me', Zayn was exercising, Niall was in his room. I decided to go see what he was doing. When i got closer and closer to the room, i heard faint guitar playing. I smiled to myself. He must be playing his guitar. I slowly opened the door to see his on his bed playing guitar. He was playing their own song,"little things" and singing along on his own.

I stayed at the doorway until he noticed, which was after he finished the whole song. When he did, he stood up abruptly and his cheeks grew bright pink. "You were listening the whole time?!" He asked me. I nodded, smiling. He blushed more. "Oh.. I.. Um.." He stuttered. I giggled. "You were amazing." I said sitting down next to him and kissing his cheek. He nodded still blushing. "Thanks." He muttered shyly. I giggled. "Why?" I asked him. He touched the spot i kissed. "For that. And for the good compliment." He said stroking my cheek. I shivered slightly. He smirked and crashed his lips onto mine.

*click click* the sound was as if someone took a picture. We separated our lips and turned to the doorway to see Louis. He was smirking. "Gotcha!" He said laughing. I felt myself go hot. Niall was blushing even more. Lou went away laughing like a maniac. "Lou.." Niall muttered. I laughed."its okay Niall. No worries. Its just Lou. Just thank god its not the paparazzi." I said patting his shoulder. He nodded.

"Guys! Everyone! Come here! I got some pics of lips! And it rhymes with tricks! Haha!" Louis shouted. Everyone ran to the living room. Including me and Niall. When we went there, the others were looking at the picture, oh god! Louis! "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!" I yelled fake angrily. Everyone looked at me. Louis looked hurt. "You mad at me sis?" He asked hurt. I stared at him. I waved a hand. "No silly. Just surprising you. Practical jokes! Haha!" I said laughing. The others did too. Louis looked mad. The smiled. "Haha!"he laughed along. Everyone forgot about the picture.

A bit later we got ready to go to the beach. I wore my bikini under my tennis shorts and frilly top. We went on Liam and Harry's cars. All the girls sat in harry's car while the boys were in Liam's car.

We reached the beach in fifteen minutes. It wasn't that crowded but still there were people. When we got out and went to the beach, some girls attacked the boys for autographs, pictures and kisses on the cheek. I didn't mind when Niall kissed a dozen of girls cheeks 'cos he actually had feelings for me. I'm so very selfish! Lol!

After the fans were gone, we started to enjoy the beach. I took off my shorts and frilly top to reveal my greenly bikini. Niall looked at me in awe. "You look gorgeous love! Thats what i call irish, though your not." He said giving me a quick kiss on the lips. I giggled. "Thanks." I muttered shyly. He smiled. "Lets get into the water!" Louis yelled. We all cheered.

Everyone were in their swimming attire now. We jumped into the warm sea water together. Zayn still stood at the shore. "Malik come on!" Harry yelled. "No way!" Zayn said with a slight shiver. Perrie shook her head. "Don't be such a big girls blouse Malik. Your a 20 year old man!" Liam yelled. We all laughed. "Okay... Just a bit.." He said. We all cheered. Louis suddenly went to the shore without Zayn noticing, whom was tip toeing towards the water. Louis went behind him and pushed Zayn, making him fall face first on the water. He stood up choking sea water. "What the hell was that for Tomlinson!?" Zayn yelled angrily to Louis, who was laughing his head off. He didn't reply anyway.

We all played some games in the water when i decided to tan my pale skin a bit. "Okay love go on, i'll be with the lads." Niall said. I nodded and put a beach mat on the sand and laid down putting on sunscreen and tan lotion. While i was lying down and looking at the others play, i heard someone leer. "Hey hottie." Some one spoke. I turned my head and saw a teenage guy whom looked like the same age as me. He had blondish brown hair. "Yes may i help you?" I asked as if he was looking for something. "Oh yes please. I want you." He said. I felt very numb. Shit. "Excuse me? Me? I'm taken." I said rather coolly, but in the inside i was shaking. "Ooh taken? By who?" He asked. I pointed a finger at Niall. " the blond one. Niall Horan". I said. He smirked. "Well then, i'll make you mine." He said and carried me bridal style. I screamed for Niall. "NIALL! NIALL!! HELP ME! NIALL!! NIALL! HELP ME!" i screamed. He put a hand on my mouth. "Sh. You'll scare them while they're having fun, its our time for fun." He whispered. I slapped his face, but he just smirked. He took me away to an emptier area and started kissing my neck. "NO! NIALL!HELP! NIALL!" I screamed louder but he put his hand on my mouth again.

"No one messes with my girl except me you fucking whore!" some one said. I looked to see Niall. Oh how glad i was. The guy let me go. I ran to him hugged tight. "Oh Niall! Oh god! I'm so scared! Niall! I love you so much! Niall!" I cried on his chest. They guys raised his hands. "Whoa whoa slow down man! I'm just teasing a bit." And he left embarrassed. Niall hugged me tighter. "I love you too. Omfg i heard you scream. I searched everywhere and recognised your bikini and rushed here to see the guy kissing your neck. Okay Now you stop crying. Its alright now." He comforted me. But still i felt scared. but way better in Niall's arms. "Oh Niall i love you so so so much! I love you Niall!" I kept saying. I dunno why but i kept chanting it. I wanted him to know how much i loved him. "I know sugar i know. Just chill. Your okay now.." He said lifting my head. He wiped off my tears and kissed me. One of the best 4 seconds of my life. "I love you too and i can never bear to see you in this state. Please stop crying." He said. I nodded and hugged him more.

"What happened Niall?" Harry asked as we arrived to where we were. "Is Lottie alright?" Danielle asked. I told them what all happened. The others looked sad and scared. "Wow.. We should've seen them but.. We were into the fun too much!" Eleanor said sadly. I shook my head. "Its alright. I'm fine now. Don't worry." I said. They all sighed. "Thats one of the qualities i love about you. Being positive." Niall said and kissed my head.

We headed home hurriedly. I went straight to the shower and showered well. I git out and wore mini white shorts and a blue tank top. I kept my air in a messy pony tail, like usual. Then while i sat down in the bed to wear my socks, someone knocked. "Come in." I called out. Niall entered the room and sat down next to me. "You alright babe?" He asked me concerned. I nodded. "I'm fine. Just a bit shaken. I can't believe you would come to save me... I thought.. My virginity... Gone.. " but Niall put a finger on my lips. "I'll protect you babe. Your body, your virginity, your feelings, and you too. I'll always be there for you, 'cos i love you. And love is a strong word." Niall said kissing my cheek. I nodded. "Thanks" i said. He smiled. "For what?" He asked. I pointed the spot he kissed. "For this and for being there for me." I said and we both laughed. "Past." He muttered. I nodded and kissed his lips quickly. I got up and started to walk away when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me abruptly, making me land on his lap. "Not so fast babe." He said in a husky voice, making me shiver. "Wh.what is it Niall?" I asked him. He spotted the weakness in my voice. "Your leaving with some hickeys. Thats all." He whispered and kissed and sucked my collarbone, making me moan. He kissed and sucked another spot, then another, then another. He did five times. "There. Felt good eh?" He whispered into the back of my neck, giving it small kisses. "Yeah" i said. I felt him smirk. " thats it for now." He said. I stood up. "Yep. Lets go" i said. He nodded and left as i told him i'll follow afterwards. I went to the mirror and examined the five spots he sucked on. Sure thing, There were kiss marks there, in other words, hickeys. So thats how hickeys look like! lol! I'm new to these romantic sexual stuff, so i don't know mostly anything! lol!

I went down to see everyone. "You okay Hun?" Danielle and Eleanor asked at once. I nodded as they sighed in relief. "Thats good then. You gave us quite a shock there Lottie" louis said. I nodded. "I know" i said. Perrie shook her head. "Its not your fault that hoe came up to you like that! Just stay calm okay?" Perrie said. I nodded. "Thanks guys. Your so nice. At school only Jerome was nice to me, now you guys are so nice and kind. Thank you." I told them all. "Aww its okay Lottie. We're always there for you. Your like our sister now." Liam said. I nodded. That reminded me of Jerome. "Excuse me. I've to make a phone call okay?" I asked them. They all nodded. I left to my room, took my phone out and dialled Jerome's number, he picked up in three rings. (Me: L Jerome: J)


L: hey Jerome

J: i thought you forgot me.

L: no way! Your my best friend how can i?

J: humph! What ever.

L: i have great news!

J: really? What is it?

L: i have a boyfriend!!

J: What? Who?

L: Niall Horan.

J: NO WAY! Your joking me! That lad from 1D?

L: yeah him.

J: oh.. Well.. How'd you meet?

L: (same story i told mum)

J: oh.. Er... Well.. Bye then..

L: Jerome listen! Wait! Hello?

*BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP...*

*conversation ended*

Whats going on with him? He sounded strange when i mentioned the boyfriend thing. Oh god! Is he mad? Does he have feelings for me? No way! NO WAY!

Jerome's POV:

I can't believe it. I had feelings for Lottie for 6 long years and she found a true love. Oh god! I waited too long. Too long! I kept my good looks and nice attitude. loads of girls fell for me, but the girl i wished to fall for me never fell... This is so.. Miserable! I can't let that happen! I have to swipe that 1D fella off the road! Lottie is mine! And would always be! I'll kill that Horan whore if i had to! Because i loved Lottie! I do and i always will! And i'm gonna go get revenge.. Right... NOW!

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