I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


2. Never had so much fun

We drove to our 1D house in London. Niall rang the doorbell. "I'll get it!" I heard louis yell. The door opened and louis was there. "Ooh hey Nialler!-" he looked at me. "-Brought yourself a Girlfriend eh?" He joked still looking at me. Niall blushed pink. Aww... "No. This is charlotte. She was crying in a deserted park when i saw her. She was hurt by bullies at school, so i thought to make her feel better, i should invite her here!" Niall said simply and firmly.
Louis jumped up and down like a maniac. "YAY! HARRY! ZAYN! LIAM! WE'VE GOT A GREAT GUEST!" Louis yelled on top of his voice. The other three came rushing. "Why are you shouting Lou?" Liam asked in a very sleepy voice.  He was in a black and white polka dotted pajamas, his hair was a mess, and I knew he was asleep. Zayn had face wash on his face and he was shirtless and wearing shorts which came down to his knees. Harry was wearing an apron and had ketchup and sauces and kitchen stuff all over his clothes, and his face. My wild guess was; he was cooking. I giggled. I mean... who wouldn't?!
"hmm well well well.. who do we have here? Our Nialler brought a lovely sweetie home?" Zayn asked in a very mocking manner. The other boys 'ooh!'-ed together, making me and Niall blush. "No. she is Charlotte gordon.She was crying in a deserted park when i saw her. She was hurt by bullies at school, so i thought to make her feel better, i should invite her here." Niall repeated exactly what he said to louis, making me and louis laugh. 
I entered the house. It was Amazing! Big, spacey, comfortable, wide, luxurious! I could keep on praising this place for years! Niall noticed me amazed and chuckled. "I'm glad you liked it." He said nicely. I pouted at him in protest. "Nope, i don't like it-" Niall frowned sadly. "-but i love it!" I exclaimed. Niall smiled in relief. "Haha. You almost gave me a heart attack!" He said sarcastically, holding his chest. I rolled my eyes. "Oh no! I can never let my Nialler have a heart attack!" I said sarcastically. I then realized i just said 'MY Nialler'! Shit! He looked at me with shock. "Uh.. My? Nialler?" He asked me. I felt my cheeks go hot. Damn! "Umm.. I mean.. I'm a Directioner.. And...umm..." I felt so awkward. Niall realized it and blushed too. "I understand..." He said awkwardly and went to find Harry for something. 
Then the rest of the tour around my house was by louis, as;
1-Harry was cooking (hah! My guess was correct!)
2-Zayn was getting 'perfect and pretty'
3-Liam was freshening up after the sleep
4-Niall was helping harry, (by eating everything without sharing anyone. harry makes them with so much effort! Poor harry!)
5-So louis was left.
"So this is your bedroom. This is actually a guest room, so your our guest and we're letting you stay here." Louis said. I looked at him with shock. "But what about MY mum!?" I asked him. He looked slightly taken aback. "Well, ask her if you can stay ONLY for a night." He said. I pouted as a no. "Please! Please? Pretty please?!" He begged. He was on his knees now, with a sad puppy face no one can deny. I sighed. "Alright. ONLY for a night. Okay?" I told him. He nodded and practically jumped to the kitchen to grab a carrot. I chuckled to myself. I called my mum to ask her whether i could stay here. She picked up the phone in three rings. 
*Conversation on phone beginning*
Me: hey mum
Mum: oh hello Lottie, why'd you call?
Me: oh its because i wanna stay at my friends' house tonight.
Mum: and who is this "friend"?
Me: oh its Niall Horan
Mum: What!?the lad from One Direction? How did He find you? Isn't he FAMOUS? Whats going on!? YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLANATION TO DO LOTTIE!
Me: whoa whoa mum slow down! and Yeah. He is the lad from 1D. He found me in the park near Nandos. I went there as some girls bullied me.The bullies hurt me, i got depressed, and i ran away from school and met him there, and he made me feel better, and he invited me to his house and i'm here, with the other lads of 1D, and they were very warm and welcoming.
Mum: well.. Thats so very kind of him... Bring him home... I wanna meet and talk to him for a bit to see if he's trustworthy. Come home sometime, after about two hours or so. Okay? Is everything clear to you?
Me: Yeah mum. 
Mum: okay sweetie. I'm knitting a sweater for Cissy. (Cassidy's nickname if you didn't remember ;) ) to send it to her. bye. Meet you later. 
Me: yeah okay bye.
*conversation on phone ended*
She used to knit a sweater for me and Cissy every month. She knitted mine already, she's knitting for cissy now and she will be sending it to her by post.
I cut the phone and then something struck me. 
I ran downstairs, to the living room, where everyone was now. "Hey charlotte. Did you need anything?" Asked Liam, munching on some crisps. "Guys please call me Lottie like everyone else.. And yes i need something." I said. Now everyone looked up at me. "Yeah Lottie. What do you need?" Harry asked smiling slightly. I went up to them. "I don't have anything to wear. I need clothes. I'm staying here tonight." I said firmly. Everyone smiled ear to ear. 
"Thats great! Well lets go to the mall now! I myself need to buy some new T-shirts! I have a new shopping mate today! Yay!" Zayn exclaimed happily. Harry rolled his eyes. "Zayn you are handsome ENOUGH. Do you know 2 million girls have crushes on you!?" Harry asked sarcastically. Everyone laughed along. 
"Hmm yeah lets go now. That would be better. I'll call Danielle to join us too." Liam said seriously. "Yeah okay!" Louis said and everyone got into a car. One car was Liam's and the other was Harry's. Liam left to pick Danielle up in his own car. I got into Harry's car. Harry drove the car, Louis sat in the front passengers seat, Zayn, Niall and i sat comfortably in the back. 
We reached the mall in 20 minutes. I entered a clothe shop with Zayn. Harry and Niall left to check out something from the super market. Louis left for the joke shop.(Isn't it obvious?) Liam still didn't arrive with Danielle. 
I picked out a pajama with a black t-shirt and the pants which was polka dotted with loads of colours, some t shirts, jeans, blouses, tops and trainers. Oh, and a nice azure blue dress with a black bow tie around the waist, black wedges, a black clutch and matching jewellery. "Aww you look adorable Lottie." Zayn said as i tried out everything. I blushed. "Thanks." I replied. He smiled. 
He picked out some t-shirts, jeans and stuff. He even signed and took some pictures with some Directioners in the shop when they insisted. "Why're you with this girl Zayn?" A blonde Directioner asked rudely, pointing a finger at me with a disgusted face. Zayn turned slightly red in anger. "Well, she is my friend, Charlotte. I'm here buying some clothes and hanging out. Thats all." Zayn replied with gritted teeth, leaving the girl frozen to the spot in shock.
I tried to pay to my clothes but Zayn stopped me. "No Lottie. I'm paying. You save your money." He insisted on and on and finally i had to give up at the end. He payed for my stuff. "Thanks Zayn." I said. He nodded. "Hmm no problem. Just ask the lads or me for anything and we'll try our best to give it to you. Your our friend now." He said smiling. I nodded as a 'thank you'.
Zayn's phone rang the moment we got out of the shop. He picked it up, looking a bit serious. "Hello?....Vas' Happenin' Hazza?.....okay.....yeah i'm done..... Yep. Lottie is with me.... Yeah?..... WHAT?! ..... You know him hazza! why'd you take him to the super market in the first place!? .....Right ......see you in a minute .... Love you.... Bye" he said on the phone. He turned to me. "It was Harry. He said he's at Nandos. Niall was hungry, and almost bought all the food in the supermarket, so harry took him to Nandos. Danielle, Liam and Louis are there too." He said shaking his head. I laughed.
We entered the nandos in the mall. The first thing i saw is Niall eating two fully roasted chicken along with a burger and a slice of chicken Pizza. Oh my jolly wobbles. "Oh 'ello Lo'ie. 'ow was sho'pi'?" He asked with a full mouth. He looked like he was taking the chubby bunny challenge. I giggled as i sat down on an empty chair between Niall and Danielle. "Oh 'Twas fine." I said showing him the shopping bags. He nodded, still mouth full. Cute.
"Know what? I was looking at some perfumes when i saw Niall with 5 trollies full of food. I almost got a heart attack seeing the trollies. I had to drag him out of the place. Really." Harry was explaining to everyone. We all laughed. Niall pouted in disagreement. He looked so cute. Am i falling for him? Is it why i specifically think he is cuter than the others lads?
 "So whats your name sweetie?" Asked Danielle interrupting my thoughts. I turned to her and we shook hands. "I'm Charlotte Gordon. Call me Lottie." I said smiling. She smiled back. "Aww... Charlotte's a cute name. Just like you-" she pinched my cheeks a bit. "- and Lottie is cuter!" She said. I giggled. "Thanks Danielle." I said. She looked surprised. "Oh don't call me Danielle! Call me Dannie just like everyone else."she said shaking her head and slightly blushing.  I nodded and smiled. She was very kind. No one was so kind to me other than my mum, cissy and jerome.
We all ate a bit and joked around. I noticed Niall used to stare at me for a while and when i notice, he used to turn away and blush. Thats strange. The other lads weren't like that. Louis goofed around, cracking jokes once in a while, when everyone starts getting a bit quiet. Harry kept texting on his phone, and sometimes, flirting with nearby girls on other tables, making them go "weak to their knees". Zayn checked the mirror every ten seconds and used to run his hand through his hair to 'perfect' it. Liam commanded every one of the lads every now and then. "Niall, don't eat too much! and for heaven sake keep that spoon away from me!........ Zayn, give the mirror a break. You ARE really perfect!....... Harry, get off the damn phone will you? And join us!....... Louis, stop goofing around too much!" He used to say to every one of the lads occasionally. "Oh c'mon daddy direction! We're fine like this! Let us be immature for a bit!" Louis groaned fidgeting in his seat impatiently . Liam looked more serious than ever. "Since when where you mature Lou? Your always the most immature! And you're the oldest!" Liam scolded. Louis made a puppy face and stared at Liam. "Sorry daddy direction" he said in a baby voice with the sad puppy face. Everyone laughed. I mean who wouldn't? They're so funny! and Liam actually forgave him at the end!
We headed to the cars shortly afterwards. Then i remembered my mum. "Oh Nialler. I told my mum we both'll go to meet my mum, now." I said checking my watch. It was exactly two hours after my phone call with mum. 'Twas 3:45 p.m. He looked at me surprised. "Why me? Why not the other lads?" He asked me confused. I blushed. "I told my mum YOU made me feel better, so she told me to come with only YOU." I said staring at my feet. He nodded, his cheeks slightly pink.. Thats what i call cute

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