I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


1. Is this real?!

I woke up as the alarm started ringing. I looked at the time and it was 6:15 a.m. Great. Another miserable day at school. I sighed and got up. I entered the bathroom and took a shower and got ready. I wore dark blue skinny denim jeans and a light baby blue plain t-shirt and blue flip flops. I wore my nerdy spectacles and brushed my Hip length jet black hair.
 I looked at the reflection on the mirror. She had azure blue eyes and hip length jet black naturally wavy hair and pale skin and really skinny but a bit shorter than an average 18 years old. I didn't wear make up. I looked okay in way i am without make up, so i ate breakfast, bid my mom goodbye and walked to school alone.
By the way, my name is Charlotte Gordon, my family and friends calls me 'Lottie'. I'm 18 years old. I am from Brighton but i live in London with my mom, Jo-Ann, and Elder sister, Cassidy. (Nickname cissy) Cassidy is at a college in Scotland. My dad passed away when i was only 5. He always used to call me, 'my little doll'. My mum was a tailor. She has a shop of her own, where she sews clothes for people and they give her money for her hard work.
I entered school and everyone stared at me. I'm used to it so i didn't mind. I went up to my locker when the school's most popular and most means barbie dolls, Britney, Natasha and Ashley came up to me. They were smirking. "Hey ugly." Britney said. Ashley and Natasha snickered. Yep. Such a nice way to greet in the morning to someone. "I'm not interested in anything you say, okay?" I said. That wiped the smirk off their faces. I grabbed my books and tried to walk away when Ashley pushed me hard, resulting my me fall on my arse. "Not interested? well, we're not interested either you idiot!" Natasha said evilly. Everyone around me laughed. 
 I just stayed there. "Then why do you bully me?" i asked them, tears daring to leak out of my eyes. britney smirked. "we like to see YOU in pain! Your face disgusts us. gross! haha!" Britney said. "And no ickle Jermy-kinns to save you today! your all ours now!" Natasha smirked. Then she kicked my stomach with her high heel stiletto knocking the wind out of me. They just laughed. "See ya later.. Sucker!" Ashley yelled out as they walked down the corridor. I just sat there, crying. Then i saw someone run towards me. "Lottie! Are you okay?!" A familiar boy's voice ask. My vision was blur because of the tears. It focused in a while. The familiar straight brown hair in a quiff... grey eyes.. Tanned skin... Skinny body... So familiar... Then it came to me! It was Jerome! 
Jerome was my best friend since we were small kids in kindergarten. He helped me a lot through the bullies (Britney, Ashley and Natasha) in walnut high. He was the crush of all the girls in walnut high, He was good looking, but to me he's like a big brother.
"Mm hmm" i managed to say. "I'm sorry. I came school a bit late and i couldn't help you. I just saw Natasha kick you on the stomach with the high heeled shoes... Oh i'm so sorry Lottie!" He said wiping off my tears. He was struggling hard not to cry himself. "No its okay.. I'm fine. Just walk me to my class..." I managed to groan. He helped me up. He even helped me carry the books to class. Some girls in the corridor gave me death glares. they were the girls who had a crush on Jerome. but i didn't mind as i'm used to it like i said before.
We came up to my biology class. He had geography. "Are you okay?" He asked me. I nodded. He sighed in relief. "Well, i'll be going then. Take care." He said patting my back. I nodded and entered class. 
And guess who in the class caught my eye? Yep. Ashley. She was in my biology and computer class. I sat down at the front row while she sat at the back, which is far away from her. then, Professor Cinder started the lesson. 
Professor Cinder was my favorite teacher. She is very kind and no one would dare bully me in her class. Once, ashley punched me on the chest and knocked me out. Professor Cinder made sure ashley was punished. Her punishment was telling her parents! Her parents grounded her for a week without shopping, cheerleading and getting out of the house!  
*skipped until lunch*
Not one of the bullies came near me until lunch. Phew! I took my food tray to a table alone. Jerome said he'd be coming after 15 minutes as he had to go home for something. I didn't mind. I was just eating and minding my own business when the three barbie doll bullies came to me. Yep. Again. 
"What're you eating? Mud?" Asked Britney pointing at the chicken curry with a disgusted face. I liked south asian food and curry was one of my faves. Natasha smirked and said, "Ewe... Girls can i tell you whats more fun? This!" She said and grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head into the curry. Yuck. The whole lunch room burst out laughing. I burst into tears and ran out of the lunchroom, to the washroom. I washed my face clean and grabbed my bag and headed out, not caring about the lessons ahead.
I walked out of school and walked far away, not knowing where i was heading, like a lost girl. I entered a park. there was not a single person. I sat down on a bench and started crying. I wanted to be with someone. A shoulder to cry on, some words to calm me down... How can they be so horrible? What did i do to them? Why are they doing this? They're so mean to me...
I was crying when i heard footsteps. I didn't care. I felt the presence of someone next to me. I felt very uncomfortable. What if its a stranger? Or a murderer? Or a kidnapper? "Why is such a pretty girl crying in a deserted park?" A familiar boy's voice asked. he had a soothing cute and very familiar irish accent. I looked where the sound came from and saw THE Niall Horan from one direction. I was a huge Directioner. he was my favorite out of all the boys, and i can't believe i've to meet him in this state!
He sat down next to me. "You can tell me what happened. I know you want to tell someone." He said soothingly. I dunno why, but i felt i've known him for ages. I said everything which was in my heart. He nodded as he listened. I finished and cried on his shoulder. He patted my back and tried to calm me down. "There there.. Sh... Hey why don't you come to our 1D house? The boys are there too." He asked me. I nodded. "By the way, whats your name?" He asked me. I wiped away my tears. "Charlotte Gordon" i said. He looked amazed. "I love your name!" He exclaimed. I smiled. "i'm hungry! lets go to Nandos and eat first. You must be hungry too!" He whined. I laughed. I knew Niall extremely loved food. "Yes! Thats it! Keep yourself cheerful. It hurts a lot to see you cry." He said pouting. so adorable. I knew i was blushing. "Aww your so cute when you blush! Now enough of compliments lets go! I'm gonna die of hunger!" He whined more, making me laugh more.
We drove to Nandos. (A/N: In this story Niall can drive, but doesn't have his own car as he used to borrow Harry's.) We entered Nandos and ate. I ordered a small chicken burger and a chocolate milkshake, while Niall ordered... Uh... "One roasted chicken, two burgers, one omelette, one strawberry milkshake...." To my surprise, he ate all the thing he ordered! whole! Wow! He had a great appetite. "That felt good!" He said rubbing his tummy. He was satisfied.I laughed. 
I just can't believe it. Its so amazing. I mean, the olde people always say, "whenever there's a hurricane, there's always a rainbow at the end." I just got out of my hurricane and i'm sliding down the rainbow. I guess ;) i only have three words to describe my disbelief; is this real?!

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