I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


24. Clubbing gone wrong!

*A/N: WARNING: this chapter is a bit on the sexual side so if your not ready for it then i think you better not read this chapter. I'll rate it Mature and this chapter will be a lot more dramatic!*
Niall's POV:
I AM SO HAPPY! She remembers everything! Oh my god!! I am going crazy! The boys and Jo ann came shortly after the remembering. lol i know it sounds so posh and formal but still! Everyone hugged and cheered and it felt that nothing can go wrong! But i was wrong....
But anyways, Charlotte was just the Charlotte i knew. And us lads are planning a surprise party for her, as december 7, which is tomorrow, is Charlotte's birthday. We're gonna make it a 'birthday' and a 'everything is okay now' kinda party. Jo ann was crying the whole time! I felt bad but hey, she went through a lot after all!
Louis was more cheerful and active as Charlotte is okay. Zayn starts talking about clothes and stuff about beauty to her. lol. And harry said he found some great recipes they can try to cook. And Liam was on about how he missed her, and to look after herself good and to be careful and all the stuff typical daddy direction says. The lads do think of her as a little sister. I felt so happy i felt my heart would burst! :)
We had so much more fun. Louis kept cracking jokes. Zayn kept looking into the mirror. Harry stood still and looking at everyone as if we're all mental. Liam kept scolding and being his mature self. As for me, i was eating more than i ever ate for the past 2 months. 
Then suddenly the doctor came in. "How are you Charlotte?" He asked her. She smiled broadly. "I REMEMBER EVERYTHING AND I AM SO HAPPY WITH ALL MY BROTHERS AND MUM AND BOYFRIEND WITH ME!!" She practically yelled. I guess she was damn happy too. The doctor chuckled. "Okay then. I am gonna prepare the discharge papers. And you can go home!" The doctor said. We all cheered. "Thanks doctor!" Charlotte said. He chuckled and left.
"So how does it feel?" Louis asked her. She smiled. "Happy." She said. He nodded and targeted at the pizza slice i was eating. He grabbed it from me and surprisingly somehow, stuffed it into Charlotte's mouth. "HEY! Lou! I'm gonna kill ya!" I spat at him and started running after him in circles. Charlotte giggled. She had difficulty in chewing the whole piece but still managed to swallow it.
"Okay here are the discharge papers. You may leave." The doctor said entering and handing me the papers. "Thanks so much doctor!" I thanked the doctor profusely. He nodded. "Good luck with your life Mr.Horan. It was a pleasure meeting a world known person like you. Good day." With that he quickly left. 
Jo ann packed Charlotte's stuff while charlotte went to the bathroom to get ready. The boys stayed outside waiting for the three of us to come out. As for me, i was helping Jo ann. "I fell so happy my baby is alright." Jo ann spoke out her thought. I chuckled. "I understand the feeling..." I told her. She folded the t shirt charlotte was wearing the day she got into a coma. "I really think your perfect for charlotte. After all she's gone through. I wouldn't be like the parents who disagree with the kind of relationships their kids get into to, i don't mind if you two get married. Don't you dare ever think of eloping." She joked but in a stern mommy way. I laughed. "I know i don't wanna elope anyways the world will find me. But i am not thinking of marriage yet. But i may after a couple of months or maybe after charlotte's education?" I told her. She understandingly nodded. "I guess thats fine." She said shrugging.  
Charlotte got out of the bathroom wearing a pink dress down to her knees, flip flops and all those nice accessories. She kept her hair loose. Beautiful. "You look gorgeous love!" I exclaimed. She giggled. I missed it so much... "Thanks" she replied blushing. 
We finished packing. I tweeted. "Feeling so happy today. My Charlotte is outta her coma and she is discharged. Tomorrow is her birthday and wish her happy wishes." And instantly my tweet got 100 retweets. Whoa thats a lot! The boys, Jo ann, charlotte and i got outta the hospital to see fans holding signs. Paparazzi were also there but the fans overpowered them. It wasn't like "we have pizza for you Niall" (yeah yeah fans have sign board like that) or "marry me harry" it was "narlotte is back!" Or "narlotte forever <3" or "charlotte your amazing" i felt so happy to see it. But there were some "Marry me harry" kinda sign boards too but hey, it was majority Narlotte! I sent flying kisses to the fans and they screamed. No surprise but i felt i am Niall Horan again. 
The boys waved and did the same as i did. When charlotte did something i never expect to do. She motioned everyone to quiet down, which she SUCCEEDED! Wow! All eyes were on her. "Thank you everyone. I love you guys so much for supporting Niall and my relationship. But i won't get in between your and Niall's relationship! Before you ask me, yes, each and every one of you directioners have a relation with each of the lads. Even if they dunno you, they still love you to bits. I have lived with them and i see that they would never let you down... Ever. And i thank you all for all of this. Its amazing that people accept me and Niall to be together. I love you all..." She ended beautifully. The fans and even the paparazzi applauded! Some fans even screamed. I was almost in tears. Man up Horan! Anyways we went into Harry's car. Jo ann, charlotte and me. While the rest went on Louis's car. To the 1D house!
 We all felt happy. I felt i have crawled out of the shell i was in. My charlotte is back! After two whole months! Wow! I went to my room and sat down on my bed and smiled to myself. I feel great. Don't judge me! What would you feel if the person you love most gets out of a freaking coma after two whole months! 
Charlotte entered the room after a while and smiled at me. I smiled back. "Im sorry Ni..." She said. I stared at her. She never called me Ni... "I know i know! I never called you Ni but its our little secret kay?" She asked me. I smiled. "Ok char." I said. She slapped my arm playfully. "Hey!" And she started to giggle. I knew i was smiling like an idiot. 
"Well, i'm gonna punish you now..." I said smirking. She stopped giggling instantly, looking scared. Gosh did she think i was gonna hurt her. :P "What do you mean by-" but i cut her off by tickling her. She started to laugh uncontrollably. "Ni... Ni st..op.. Ni!" She said between fits of laughter. I stopped after a few more seconds. She sighed in relief. 
"Horan! I'm gonna seek revenge! Remember that!" She told me, shaking her index finger side to side. "Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a sec... What did you just call me gordon?" I said playfully. She stuck out her tongue. "Fine horan. Get yo lazy ass off the bed!" She said the last bit in an american accent, which was surprisingly good! Wow! "I never knew your american dude!" I said in an american accent too, but... Umm... rather horribly. She laughed at my attempt. "I can do accents. But really whatever. i wanna spend time with everyone now. Our time is tonight. And get your mind out of the gutter, cuz we'll go to the gutter when we are or if we get married." She said. I laughed but rolled my eyes. "Fine!" And followed her down.
 Everyone was chattering happily. "Ah here are the un separable love birds!" Louis said smirking. The others laughed. "Whatever Lou" i said rolling my eyes. "We're planning to go clubbing tonight. Because tomorrow is Lottie's birthday and as she is well again for a bit of celebration." Harry said smiling. We all nodded in agreement. "OMG HAZ THATS AMAZING I WANTED TO GO CLUBBING BUT I WAS TOO LAZY TO GO ON MY OWN MATE THATS GREAT WOW!" Louis yelled. Everyone laughed, except harry, who rolled his eyes. "Typical Lou" he muttered. 
Lottie's POV:
"But i don't have a great feeling about it though..." Liam whispered, who sat next to me. I furrowed my eyebrows. "I don't get it... What do you mean Liam?" I asked him slowly, unsure. He sighed. "I feel its gonna be a bad night. Like something bad might happen..." He trailed off. I patted his arm. "Its nothing Liam. Forget it and we all will enjoy the party ok?" I told him reassuringly. He nodded but he had an unsure look on his face. I wish i took him seriously...
We all chatted about a lot of stuff i wanted to keep track of. When i checked the time, it was 7:30 pm already! Whoa time goes fast. "Guys lets all get changed! We'll leave at 9 or so!" Louis said. We all left for our rooms and got ready. 
I felt like wearing something a teeny weeny bit "slutty" today as we're going clubbing after all, so i wore a slightly tight black dress a bit higher than my knees, and black pumps, which made me an half an inch shorter than Niall. I let my hair loose and put on some mascara, a bit of eye liner and hot pink lipstick. I'm not a fan of foundation. It gives me a hell lot of acne. I tried every single foundation and i end up with a super ugly acne coated face. 
After i was done, i went to Niall's room to see him wearing a blue polo t shirt, casual black jeans and his usual half quiff half messy hair. (A/N: i know now he has a whole quiff now but i liked him better with half quiff half messy hairstyle. Sorry guys!) he examined me head to toe, making me blush. "You look sexy tonight..." He said licking his lips. I rolled my eyes. "God Ni. Don't try to be sexy!" I told him. He raised his eyebrows. "I just complimented and you thinking i'm trying to be sexy?" He said coming closer. I nodded. "Well ye-" but he cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine hungrily. 
Whoa... That was quick! A boy's mind can be changed by a simple slutty outfit!? Whoa... But after a few seconds of rough kissing i pulled away. "We have plenty of time to do a lot of that later the night." I told him. He smirked. "Can't wait." He said. His eyes turned darker, filling with lust. Whoa! I never saw this part of Niall where he is desperate! Especially for sexual stuff.
We went down stairs to see everyone ready. All the girls had slutty outfits one, except Danielle, she had a slightly decent outfit on, but slutty. Louis his usual striped t shirt and ya know... Harry had his hair in a slight quiff, though its curly. Liam his usual tartan shirt and jeans, zayn was wearing a casual white t shirt and a light blue casual jacket on, with dark blue jeans, his hair in a quiff. 
"What took you soooo long? Anyways lets go!" Louis said merrily, but impatiently. We all went in two cars, Liam's and Harry's. 
*skip car ride*
We entered the club. The smell of alcohol, sweat, sex and smoke filled my nostrils. Ugh gross... It feels really uncomfortable. Some people were dancing and grinding on each other while others were having shots of alcohol and others were making out. Gross. Liam looked at me and nodded. I knew he had the same bad feeling. I smiled and nodded back reassuringly. He gulped but nodded back again.
Louis, Eleanor, harry, Liam and Danielle went to the bar to have some shots. Zayn and Perrie were dancing. "So what do we do babe?" Niall whispered in my ear, his breath hitting my neck, making me shiver. "D-dunno.." I stuttered. Actually, i was kinda scared, because of Niall's attitude changing into a bit of a sexual way. He smirked. "Lets dance." He said and before i knew it, i was on the dimly lit dance floor, dancing with Niall. He was in front of me, holding my waist with his huge strong hands while my hands were wrapped around his neck. I'm not a good dancer, but we danced vigorously.
"Niall... I'm tired of dancing. Lets go have a shot." I told him. He nodded and we went to Liam and Danielle who were still having shots, well Danielle was. Liam couldn't because he has only one kidney, remember? Oh and he is also driving. "Hey love doves!" Liam greeted. I smiled at him. "Hey Liam. So sup?" Niall asked. He shrugged. "Nothing. Danielle is really drunk though..." He muttered. He was right. She was slurring and mumbling stuff which can never make sense in any language.
"Hey you! We want six shots of sex on the beach." Niall said to a waiter who was passing by. He looked at him and nodded."whats sex on the beach?" I asked Niall. He smirked. "A type of alcohol." He replied. Thats when the waiter came. He gave three shots to Niall three shots to me. Niall drained it all in a minute. I was still on the second one. "you bring more sex on the beach!" Niall slurred. He wasn't that drunk alright. I had my third shot and ordered for more too. After 5 shots each, we went to the dance floor. We started to club dance... You know what i mean right?. It felt so damn right. He gave small kisses to my neck, his hands snaking around my waist. My dress was backless, so he gave kisses to my back too. Its like an electrical shock charging in me. The good type. Well, you know what i mean ;) but then i saw something i never expected to see in my whole life...

(15 minutes ago) Louis's POV: 
I drank my 6th shot. "You alright mate?" Liam asked me. I smirked. "Never better." I slurred. Yes i'm a bit drunk ok? I wasn't that drunk. I know it. Zayn and Perrie were no where to be seen. Niall and Lottie were dancing. Harry was nowhere to be seen too. Danielle was having more and more shots. Thats when i realised something. "Where's Eleanor?" I asked Liam. He shrugged. "I dunno mate... Why don't you go find her?" Liam asked. I nodded and searched the whole area but no, i couldn't find her. Even if i was kinda drunk, i started to worry. The place i didn't search was the bedrooms. The area i dread Eleanor to be. There were a hella lot of bedrooms. I just hope that Eleanor won't be hooking up with some random guy in any of the rooms here, it would shatter my heart...
I opened the first one to see a blonde in bed with a ginger haired man on top of her. Ew... I quickly closed the door in disgust. I opened a few other doors to see pairs on bed, one night stand or not. And at like the fifth door i saw something i could never ever forget... Oh my carrots and baggy pants... I wish i could just... Die at the spot..
I saw Eleanor and Harry on bed. My girlfriend and my best friend, having sex... Oh my actual fucking god... She was moaning so was harry. He was on top of her and... God they were HOOKING UP! When Eleanor saw me, she stood up, wrapped herself with a quilt. I wanted to break down, but anger took over me. "Louis... Its not what you think..." She started. "don't... you... Fucking... Dare... Say... My... Goddamn... Name... You... Bitch!" I said gritting my teeth. I wouldn't be surprised if my dentist say my teeth were weak after i check it out. Tears built up in my eyes but i tried my best to block them away. Oh great *sarcasm* Then harry had to fucking get into the way. "Mate... Calm down... Mate... Listen..." He said as if he is scared. Thats it. I lost all my temper. 
I heard alarmed running footsteps. Next thing i knew is, Liam standing next to me, side hugging me. He looked at harry and Eleanor with disgust, while they hung their heads in shame. Pfft. Acting. "Louis, lets go..." He whispered and we left. I started crying. 
I love Eleanor to bits, but now i know she doesn't... Like bruno mars said in his song grenade... He'd catch a grenade for the girl he loves. He's throw his hand on a blade for her. He'd jump in front of a train for her. But she won't do the same...
I went to the dancing area to see Niall and Charlotte, dancing, with smiles on their faces. I envy them so much. They're such a perfect couple, Made in heaven. Pure and made for each other. Meant to be. Sigh...
The instant Lottie saw me, she came up to me wide eyed and gave me a bear hug, knowing something was definitely wrong. She was such a nice girl. Like a sister. She is my lil sis."Lou, whats wrong? What happened?" She asked gently. Niall was by her side. "You alright mate?" He asked me patting my arm. I was still crying, dampening her dress a bit, but she didn't mind. She cared for me like a brother. Liam was standing there, unable to do anything. "Lets go home. Okay? I'l go get Zayn, Perrie and Danielle." He said and we nodded, heading outside, Niall and Lottie by my side.
We stayed by the car for a minute when Zayn, Perrie and Liam joined us. "What happened mate? You alright?" Zayn asked hurrying up to me. Perrie and Danielle looked worried sick. Liam stared with concerned eyes i smiled. Everyone cared for me so much. "I'll tell everything. Lets go home." I said and everyone nodded as we headed home. 
*at the 1D house*
"Ok Louis. I know this is hard for you but please, tell us what happened. We have to know. Thats how we can help to make things better. Please Lou. Tell us." Lottie said as everyone settled on the couch. I hesitated, but then, slowly nodded and closed my eyes, the memory flashing in my mind, the horrible feeling of a knife stabbing my heart continuously... I told them everything i saw and knew. Out of all the girls i was closest to Lottie. She was to me and Liam. She understood me like an open book. I am not falling for her. She is just the perfect little sister. Loveable, caring, kind, nice. Understanding, i can go on and on. Niall was perfect for her. I love them so much.
When i finished, i completely broke down. Lottie kept hugging me. I felt good letting it all out. She was crying, so was Danielle and Perrie. Liam had teary eyes so did Niall and Zayn. I swear i saw a tear drop escape Niall's eye. Wow they REALLY cared... "Mate, if i was in your situation, i dunno, your a strong man Lou. A stronger man than you think. We'll help you through this." Liam said. Lottie nodded. "Lou, we will always be there for you. Do you wanna confront El or Harry to end it or just wait?" Lottie asked. I shook my head. "I just need a few more days to clear and think my mind ahead. I think i'll wait. And thanks guys for all your support." I told them smiling weakly. They smiled back. "Lets all go to bed and just talk and discuss stuff tomorrow. I'm tired. Good night guys." Liam said and left to his room with Danielle. Zayn and Perrie did the same. It was me, Niall and louis left. "Lou, i think we should go to bed. Everyone is tired. Good night Lou." Lottie said and gave me another of her warm hugs. She sure does know how to give great hugs, like horan hugs. Of course, how can i forget? all the training would be by Horan himself of course ;). I nodded and left for my room so did Niall and Lottie. 
I entered my room and changed into my super man PJ's and jumped onto my bed. Without wasting a second, i fell asleep...

Lottie's POV:
I feel SO SO SO SO SO bad for Lou, i kinda hate El and harry for doing that to Lou, he will be so miserable. He was already miserable. I am most close to him and Liam. And i know how it feels even though i never went through it. Just... Horrible. I imagine how it might feel to catch Niall and a girl on bed hooking up. I can't even imagine that nightmare, And poor louis witnesses it in front of his eyes! Brave man. 
I entered the bathroom after Niall came out, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed into my PJ's. It was a pyjama with "English and proud!" on the t shirt and the shorts were decorated with tiny english flags. It looked so cute!
I went out of the bathroom to see a shirtless Niall on bed, slightly almost falling asleep. He looked hot alright. His toned abs visible. Dammit he makes me weak to my knees. I crawled right next to him sleepily, and faced his opposite. I knew he was gonna spoon me after a while.
I was correct! After a while, i felt Niall move as he wrapped his hands around my waist, spooning me. "Good night babe. Oh and Happy birthday. You have a great surprise ahead of you tomorrow. Love you." He whispered huskily and kissing the back of my neck. I smiled. "Good night Nialler. Aww thanks babe. Love you too." And we both fell asleep immediately. After all, so much happened tonight...

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