The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


1. waking up


                                                                         Here we go ,,, 


I woke up to a knock on the door and groaned. I'm not a morning person, in fact I hate morning with a passion. Shortly afterwards, the knocks turned into bangs. REALLY!!! Can't a girl get her sleep?! I mean for gods sake I even heard that Zayn f*cking Malik sleeps just for beauty!! All those thoughts were swinging in my head while the sound of the bangs quietened down. Thank god for that 'cuz I was on the edge of bursting out in anger at any second!!



Suddenly, a voice that made me instantly smile said in my ear "Wake up sunshine!!Your prince came to rescue you from your eternal sleep!!"



I decided to play along so I pretended to wake up dramatically and said "Oh my prince what took you so long! I couldn't help but count the moments since we last met!"



Zac chuckled and lay beside me on the bed and we cuddled..... I know what you're thinking but no we're not together.



Zac and I are more like brother and sister, we're really close friends and we would die for each other. Then Zac whispers in my ear "I hate to ruin the moment but." I cut him off saying "You already did so what you wanted to tell me better be worth it"



Zac gulps while backing away from me. Good, he better not think that I'll let him off easily, even though he woke me up in a nice way. When he's a safe distance away from me, he says "Don't hit me... but your late for school" I counted to ten in my head while clenching my fists and throwing the clock at him while saying calmly




"Zac you do realize its 7:00 and school starts at 8:30.. So I have like, an hour and a half LEFT!!" Zac just smiled too innocently and says in a sweet tone "I know, I just wanted you to relax and not rush while preparing yourself.

I don't want you to get ready 10 mins before the bell rings like you used to do.... Sorry" he sighed and gave me the puppy dog eyes.

Damn, I knew he did it by purpose but I felt bad and gave in. I walked up to him and hugged him while saying "I'm sorry, you know that I'm not a morning person. BUT next time wake me up a little later and if you don't, I won't be this forgiving! And you know that I can't resist the puppy dog eyes!! I guess I can never stay mad at you for long big bro." He grinned and said "I know, that's why I do it. Now go get ready so you don't be late and 'cuz of your sincere apology, you won a pancake breakfast!" "Yaaaaaaaay!"




I screamed and jumped in happiness!! Oh, did I forget to mention that Zac is 22 while I'm 17? Yeah yeah I know he's 5 years older than me but he's my roommate and will never hurt me :).



When he left, I took a nice hot shower then decided to get ready for a brand new week of school. I'm a popular girl but not the b*tchy, slutty cheap kind. More of the hard, feisty, hot kind. Many guys flirted with me and I flirted back for fun but I never slept or made out with any of them.

I'm hard to get and never had a boyfriend, not because I couldn't, not to sound too cocky or anything but I had like a bunch of guys wanting to take that role, but because I never had my eyes set on someone. Not yet. I went to my closet to choose my outfit for the day



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