The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


3. school

I sighed as I reached the school.... This is it. As I got closer to the entrance I saw the football players standing near it .I'm the smarty and the hotty so I fit with their group aka the popular group,but I dislike there girlfriend .I am okay with them as friends although Luke is a special case  . And I'm not easy meat- I won't fall for their charms that easily.



As I got closer to them, I saw their girlfriends standing beside them. I hate them because well, they're major b*tches , fake and sluts. They cheat and sleep with other guys but the guys sleep around with other girls too. I don't even know why they call themselves couples when clearly they sleep around with others too!! Here are the so called couples' names: -



Luke & Kelly (The most sluttiest person ever)

- Steve & Sharon (The second most sluttiest person)

- Derek & Amanda (Sleeps with almost every guy I know even Luke and Steve)

There are many others that you don't want to hear about ¬_¬


I decided to ignore them and walk by hoping they wouldn't notice me but Luke just had to shout my name out. Wow, what a great day it's turning out to be. Note the sarcasm ¬_¬




"Kate!! " Luke shouted. Now let me give you his description: He's the one with the blue electric eyes and the black hair- The so called "hottest guy" in school but not to me since his playboy ways and sleeping around while supposedly having a girlfriend makes him just the opposite.




"Great" I mumbled. I faked a smile and said "I have to go or I'll be late" This was my stupid attempt of sneaking out. I turned around and walked away quickly. Just as I thought it worked, Steve  picked me up from behind and walked back to the group. I sighed irritated while all eyes were on me. But Sharon's ones were digging holes in me..




Oh so now she plays the jealous girlfriend? Even though she sleeps around and he does too. Pfft. If only glares could kill I'd be 10 feet under. I huffed and crossed my arms while saying "Steve please put me down" Steve is still carrying me on his shoulder, giving him a clear view of my butt. So he said with a cocky smile "Nope I like the view from up here."




Derek snatched me like a ball from Steve and said "What the hell man she is a human not a ball" Says the person who snatched me like a ball. He turns to me and says "The most beautiful human being" a wide cocky grin was placed on his face, he thought I'd fall for his charms. Ha! I'd never! And what kind of boyfriend flirts with another girl in front of his so called girlfriend?




Seriously. Amanda slaps his arm and he whined "Ow! What was that for?!" Haha, like you don't know idiot. I saw Luke tensing up.. What the hell?! "Um.. Luke you okay?" I told him. Luke calmed down, smiled and said "Yeah babe just fine"... Does he have a death wish to call me that?? Or does he want all the girls who were throwing daggers at me to kill me?  




At that moment I saw Jacob the school's 'Bad Boy' and the most amazing skater in this school walk by, he has dirty blonde hair, blue greyish eyes and his right arm, neck and left arm are covered with tattoos, he's lean but strong. He's hot to be honest but I never had a chance to talk to him. Maybe I will today IF I get the chance. 




"hello from earth to take .. KATTTEEEE " Steve yelled , damn it i thought i went deff for a second.



The bell rang and we all went to our sessions and the glares went with me too .



xxxx skip first 3 lessons .xxxx



xxxx lunch time  xxxx

I held my tray and looked at the groups. Each time I never ate here because I eat lunch out with Zac but this time he was busy so he left me alone. I looked around and figured out that it went something like this: Popular sl*ts Football players (including Luke's group) Geeks Nerds Gothic Asians Cool people (My type but never sat with them because Jacob is there) I sighed and my only choice was the Popular's table. You see, I don't wanna sit with them because Luke has major mood swings- outside school he's a little nice to me but in front of everyone in school, he's just downright mean and makes fun of me. Not that I'd let him if he went too far.



I was about to sit with them when BAM!! A wall blocked my way and I found myself falling and my tray went all over me. Laughter was heard and some "aws " and an "ooof". Wait a second... a wall can't say oof! Realization hit me faster than a train would and told me to get of the floor. BUT NO, my legs chose this perfect moment to stop working. I refused to look at who was cursing in front of me and I saw Luke approaching which if I was right would be to make fun of me. Or throw another inappropriate joke of his. Instead of seeing Luke get here all I saw was a hand covering my view. I look up and froze, I froze and my heart skipped a beat .. my fingers and knees were shaking, my eyes widened... wh....wha...what.. Am I imagining or is f*cking Jacob extending his hand and I'm sitting on the floor gaping like an idiot.



His grey eyes, now that I look closer, they have a bit of blue in them softened when they saw me and I couldn't believe it there was no hint of lust in them. WOW... just wow I couldn't move. Luke on the other hand, was fuming with a face of a red tomato. Why? Don't ask me I don't know and I don't care. Jacob was waiting for me with his hand extended. Snap out of it Kate!! I slapped myself mentally and took the hand he offered with a smile. The moment I touched him, SPARKS erupted and I shivered from the intensity. It wasn't like anything I felt before, I knew that he felt it too because his eyes widened. I was oblivious to my surroundings as he dragged me away from the cafeteria and all the students' faces were erased from my mind, I just focused on this boy who gave me new sensations that I never felt before. He took me to a bench outside and made me sit down. He then took off his shirt and handed it to me while saying with a low masculine voice "Sorry" Then he went and left me there sitting on the bench holding his T-shirt. When he left me, I felt this longing feeling and before he disappeared completely, I told him "Thanks!" He turned around, SMILED at me then left. And oh my god, his bare back was definitely a sight to see. Just then, I snapped out of it and saw that the other students were looking at me in shock, envy and some jealousy. Wait a second..... DID JACOB REALLY SMILE AT ME WHEN HE NEVER SMILE AT ANYONE AND GAVE ME HIS SHIRT??!!! OMG, I think I'm gonna faint.





After my near fainting attack, I changed into his Shirt in the bathroom and inhaled his delicious scent. Wow, I really wanna know which cologne he puts, or if this is his natural scent. Either way, its amazing! I could just live in it.... Wait wait!!! Snap out if it Kate!! You sound like a creep and a love-sick idiot!! I slapped myself mentally and went outside to check myself in the mirror. Good, I still look presentable, Jacob's Shirt looks like a sweater on me since it reaches my knees but at least I look good. Just then, the girl's washroom door opened and guess who came in?Smurfs!! I'm just kidding! Since I'm too lazy to call them by their names, I'm just gonna say that major slut one and her followers came in and glared at me. I raised an eyebrow while saying with sarcasm lacing my tone, "Well hello to u too!" The sluts just apparently for pissed off more and slut no. 2 came right up to me and jabbed a finger towards me whole saying, "Listen here b*tch, stay away from our boyfriends!" I just snorted while rolling my eyes and saying, "Oh please, stop with being the jealous girlfriends now, everyone knows that you're all still wh*ring around and flirting with other guys behind your so called 'Boyfriends' backs" Slut no. 1 just got more pissed off while saying, "Shut up!! And leave Jacob alone!! He's mine!!" I just looked at her then burst into laughter. Then I said, "Oh so now you're going after Jacob too? Geez, choose between Jacob and your so called boyfriend Luke. And you're only saying that because I bet that before coming here, you tried to flirt with him but he just brushed you off without even glancing your way or smiling and he smiled at me right? So you came to take out your humiliation and blame it on me right? Give it up Kally" They all just stared at me speechless then slut no. 1 snapped and came up to slap me while saying, "Its Kelly you b*tch!!"




Before she could even touch me, I caught her wrist and twisted it behind her back while growling at her menacingly and saying, "Now listen here KELLY," I emphasized on her name while continuing, "I don't care what the hell you think about me but touch me and I'll beat the crap out of u, got it?" She just whimpered in response because I was hurting her arm so I released her and went out of the bathroom, leaving them all staring at my back in more shock. Well, I didn't say I was weak, did I? Because Zac is so overprotective, he gave me some self defense classes in case something happens so yeah I'm somewhat strong. Just then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch break. I sighed then went to my locker to take my books for the next lesson. Xx Skip to last period xX Ugh, I'm tired and irritated, most of the students were either staring or whispering about me and how the famous Bad boy Jacob smiled at me. Yeah now that I mentioned it, why DID Jacob smile at me? I mean, apart from being classmates, we're particularly strangers.



While I was wondering why he would smile at me and playing with my pencil between my hands, the teacher said, "Ok class, today you're gonna be assigned a partner and the both of you will be assigned a project in which you have to make a video of your special hobby/talent. Your partner has to video you and in the background describe/compliment you with advanced words. Not something like 'She's good at this and nice at that.. Blah blah...' Use interesting words like amazing, awesome.... And vice versa. Anyways, you have two weeks to do this project get it? Now I'll read out your name and your partner's name. Abby and...." I zoned out after that and thought that this project was pretty interesting. I wonder who'll my partner be? I twirled the pencil in my hand and perked up when I heard my name being called "And lastly, Kate and Jacob. That's all now blah blah......" I froze and snapped my pencil in half. Wait...



.... Old lady said wha??!!! I'm with JACOB???!! Talk about fate!! I'm partnered up with the one guy who bumped into me earlier, the one who gave me his shirt, the one who's giving me foreign sensations and who's currently ditching class. Oh god..... Can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out I'm his partner tomorrow! Note the sarcasm. Well, I'm a little glad that he's my partner. Just then the bell rang so I jumped out of my seat and went straight home.

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