The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


10. mall day

Zac's P.O.V

The sun rays violently burned my eye lids causing me to wake up. I was so busy cursing the sun that I didn’t notice my angel sleeping on my chest. Hmm... Probably the reason why my heart's beating faster than usual. Hey! Don’t get me wrong my crush thingy is gone! But that doesn’t mean that I have any reactions all of the sudden. I'm a guy you know! Geez. Let the man enjoy having a girl sleep all over him, especially if the girl is Kate.

Looking at her sleeping peacefully doesn’t do anything but help my overprotectiveness level go higher. I kept watching her breath. Her chest rising slowly and then back. I saw her eyes flicker and open and life flooding into them. She looked around the room and then finally settled her gaze on me. Her piercing blue eyes looking deep into my soul. I smiled. I can't help but smile and she smiled back.

“Morning sunshine,” I said caressing her cheeks with the tips of my fingers.

“Hey… you like damn fine in the morning.. sunshine” she replied mimicking my voice.

“So today is a flirty day huh? Then I can think of a few new pick up lines.” I tried to make me voice as husky as possible. She shivered but smiled and winked.

“Trying the husky voice again huh? Old trick Zacky old trick. Yet … it worked. Anyways we can’t have that.”

I froze. “Why? You’re not going out with someone are you? Oh my god you are! Who is he? Boy! I knew it! No dating! How ma-” I couldn’t complete my-full-on-rage-defensive-mood-lecture because of her soft skinned finger that silenced me by putting it on my lips, gently shutting me up. I have no feelings but that doesn’t mean she won’t have the effect on me. Apparently she has.

“You silly thing, today is the first day of the weekend. Ring any bells? Maybe something about you going to get our Jordans and me making some grocery shopping. Maybe you picking up the movies that Fred, the movie guy, said he will get us. Maybe you buying me the list of books that I want. Maybe you going to a mall?”

“Oh , I feel so stupid” I said clearly embarrassed by my response.

She laughed and pecked my check before she went to the bathroom. In the mean time I rushed to my bathroom and had a cold shower to wake me up. Then I went out with my towel hanging loosely around my waist dangerously showing my v line. Yeah! Damn right I’m a sexy thing! At the same time Kate entered my room with a towel also covering her body while holding a mug of coffee and then she placed it on the table.

She sent me a wink and thumbs up “I see you’ve got your packs back! Good job!” She knows that I always have them but she just likes to tease me whenever she sees me shirt less. That’s us! We go hanging around each other in bath towels. We aren’t afraid to be proud.

I wore a tight v neck black shirt, dark blue jeans and my black jordans. Then I hoped down the stairs. By that time Kate was already placing food on my plate. She changed to some batman shorts and a black tank top. Which looked so cute and good on her. She even gave me some orange juice in my cup and for herself. “Remember bring orange juice this was the last bottle” she reminded me. We live like this- depending on each other. More like a wife-husband thing, but with brother and sister instead. "Ok, thanks. Hey, what did you think about the chicken, shall I continue on the brand?”

“Oh definitely this one is way better, although we might want to get back on our old salt brand. The last one you brought wasn’t much and wasn’t very rich, I had to put extra amount on everything” I smile and nod.

You see what I mean, we really live like that everyday. And I won’t change a single thing.

I waved to Kate on my way out. Man, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to leave the house when you’ve got America's finest girl inside it! I shook my thoughts out of my head and hopped into my 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. Yes, we're rich. I won’t lie when I say that I don’t think of her in the car or anywhere else. After all, Kate is like my life. She’s my everything and I’m serious about it. I mean, I can't help but think that she's a fragile angel who needs a bodyguard for protection. That bodyguard is me. I feel like its me responsibility to be in charge of her life and that isn’t enough I also need to think of the guys. YES THE GUYS! THE PERVETS! I mean can't they take another girl and stare at her?? Kate is off limits! I’m scared for her and I think about her every time she’s out without me. I mean, even when I am out with her they ignore me and hit on her. God sometimes I want to rip out their eye balls and feed them to Shrek over dinner! Ugh!


I suddenly realized that I spent 20 min in the car riding and thinking about my sweet cheeks. Now I'm in the parking lot of the mall. I locked the car and entered the mall. The mall was noisy today but Kate and I come here a lot that even the shop keepers know us and most of the times cut on the real price and we’d pay less than others. Everybody would get influenced by Kate's magic. The perks of being Kate’s friend. By noon I grabbed the Jordan's, took the movies and grabbed a coffee for myself. I hadn't realized that I got 3 missed calls from Kate. I panicked and ran through people while ringing her phone but no answer. So I got worried and started to run while apologizing to people that I barge into.

By noon I had grabbed the Jordans , took the movies and grabbed a coffee for my self .I hadn’t relies that I got 3 miscalls from Kate . I panicked and ran through people while ringing her phone but no answer . I got worried I was running so fast that I didn’t see the women who was coming out of the shop.

BAM! I bumped into her hard and the coffee she was holding spilled all over me “Ahh!” I exclaimed. My shirt was pretty much out of my wardrobe list because I wouldn’t want a brown spotted shirt. “Sorry my bad! Are you alright? Oh my gosh! The coffee-” I looked up and stopped talking. Standing in front of me was the prettiest black haired girl I ever laid my eyes on. Her hazel eyes seemed to dig deep inside my soul, as if they could see right through me. Her face was all angel-like and she had the hottest body I ever saw. With long legs, long black hair and the right curves, she seemed too perfect or should I say angel-like to be real.    

I noticed her checking me out too so I snapped out of it, smirked and said seductively, "Done eye raping me yet?” She looked up startled and blushed. Damn that blush. But her answer took me by surprise, “Nah.. Not yet. I still didn't finish hot stuff." And she even winked at me!

I smirked wider if possible. This is going to be extremely fun.

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