The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


9. breaking up and fixing up


~ No one knew who started it but I knew and I videoed it unless…." I can’t risk putting Jacob in danger. “Fine… deal! Ugh, I hate you! You're the worst!”~


I didn’t realize the value of the words I said until only after I’ve said them. After all, it can’t be that hard to stay away from Jacob, can it? I hopped into my car and turned on some soulful music. Tom John's kind of music. I need to calm down before I kill someone. Nope, I'll even rip their head off.

I reached the house and parked in the garage, anger still flowing in my body supplying me with extra energy. But no, that wasn’t enough. From all the darn days of the year to come, that mind, disabled monster chose today to come over. She even parked her car in MY spot so I had to park next to her. By monster I mean that Hannah is here. Zac's girlfriend. What a perfect day!!

I took a deep breath and reminded myself ‘No need to be angry, inhale.. Exhale.. Inhale.. Exhale’ I then opened the door and thought that I would be welcomed with moans and clothes spread everywhere and probably two naked people on a couch banging each other. But to my surprise, for the first time in the history of my existence, I didn't see that. Instead, I saw Zac sitting on the couch looking irritated as hell, while Hannah was shouting at him. I thought that this was the most beautiful dream ever. Except, that I didn’t wake up. So it was really happening!!

Zac's head snapped in my direction and threw me a weak smile. Clearly he was having a headache. Zac and I aren’t on the same page but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care, I still love him so much as a brother and a best friend.

Zac looked in Hannah’s direction and sighed. “Hannah, I already said that we're done, stop fighting and let go. I’m not happy and I want to be happy. So go find someone else I’m sure you’ll manage that.” WHAT?! HE'S REALLY BREAKING UP WITH HANNAH!! I mentally cheered. Finally he got his brain back from god knows where he left it. Zac glanced back at me and mouthed "Sorry". I nod. It isn’t the time to fight at all, he needs my back and I'm giving it to him. Finally, Hannah had figured my existence and snapped her head in my direction. I swear that I heard her neck crack. My god she is a DEVIL. A real one. She certainly looked like one, ready to kill me. She pointed her long, finger nailed hand at me and screamed “You! You are the reason of this! I knew he liked you. BITCH!” Zac was angry but I started to talk before he did. “Listen to me you w****. Me and Zac have NOTHING between us. We're only FRIENDS, he's like my brother. If there's any reason he’s breaking up with you then it's because of YOU. And I wouldn’t be surprised. Zac is way better than you! Also, Zac is only my best friend! Nothing more and nothing less!”

Zac stood up and yanked Hannah’s arm and led her to the door. He threw her out and said “You know Hannah I thought that the feeling we had was extraordinary. You were always a bitch but I denied it. But then I went to a bar, got drunk and had sex with a girl I never met. I then felt even more greater than what I had ever felt when I'm with you. From a complete stranger! That made me realize that you're not the one. Kate's like a sister to me, she’s my pal! And yes I love her. I also had a crush on her but now I know it was just a friendly crush. We will never be together but we still love each other as siblings. And we will always do! Now get out and never come back!”

Wow. Zac's words hit me hard. How did I ever get into a fight with this guy again? He closed the door and looked at me while I noticed that he was shaking from anger. His features softened when his eyes met mine. He was wearing a white tank top and basket ball shorts. I went up to him and hugged him. He hugged me back and held me tightly.

We stayed like that for a few minutes then he let go. “I’m sorry Kate,” he whispered. “It’s okay,” I whispered back. Me and Zac talked all night long in my bed room about pointless stuff. Like why pencils should be sharp. Or why cars can’t fly. I ended up sleeping with my head on his chest. This is how it’s supposed to be. My big brother and I. Perfection.


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