His twin

Skyler-rose is over 10000 years old do you want to know how she's a vampire and not any ordinary vampire she's one of the originals she's klaus's twin sister she was born and raised in mystic falls but left at the age of 700 she just couldn't handle it but when she find out some news that caught her eye she returns to mystic falls thinking as soon as she straightened things out she would leave straight away but two certain boys known as the Salvatore brothers come into her life especially Damon will she stay or will she go


5. Why are you here


elena and her gang where all looking at me shocked I felt myself being slammed into a wall I looked at the person who was holding me by the shoulders "what are you" Damon said klaus's face was changing and he was about to charge but I shook my head no he stopped what he was doing I turned back to Damon "oh Damon you are so stupid" he looked shocked but shook it of "how do you know my name " he growled in my face "oh Damon I don't just know your name I know your story I know that many years ago you were in love with Katherine petrova and so was stefan you thought she loved you but when your father started hunting down vampires he caught Katherine and you two thought you would go save her but when you did your own father shot you you both thought you were dead but when you died you had vampire blood in your system so when you awoken you were a vampire I know a lot more then you think Damon" I said he gripped my shoulders tighter " I said what are you" " why should I tell you" I whispered in his ear "he slammed me against the wall harder then before "IF YOU DONT TELL ME I WILL RIP YOUR HEART OUT" he yelled in my face and from what I could see my siblings were on the edge of coming to rip him off me i looked in his eyes I could see my reflection in them my eyes started to glow a little " Damon you are so stupid if you think you can take on a 10000 year old hybrid I could rip you to pieces right now with just one look but I'm not going to because I don't think your brother would be happy with me" I gave my hand a little flick and it threw Damon off me into another wall I walked over to the couch and sat down the rest of them copied my actions "so what are you" stefan asked "do you really want to know I don't want to frighten you" he nodded his head "I'm a hybrid except a special kind I'm a vampire, wolf,witch and a hunter one of the five to be exact I'm the most powerful creature in the world " elena looked frightened of me "how can you find out everything about us with just one look" Caroline asked "well miss Forbes I have a special power I'm a mind reader I can see your past future and what your thinking " she looked just as frightened "why are you here" Tyler said "well Tyler I came here because I heard that my brother was daggered and stolen and every creature on the planet knows not to hurt klaus cause they would have to deal with me obviously you did not know that" I said "oh we knew alright"elena said "then I suggest you do not do it again without my agreement alright" they all nodded their heads goo I'm glad that got through their heads Damon was staring at me I stared back at him and went into his mind 'hey beautiful' he said in his head he must of known I would go in his mind I looked down blushing breaking the mind link I took a wee peak at Damon to see him still looking at me I went back into his mind 'don't look down princess your tiaras falling ' he said in his mind I blushed even more I must of looked like a tomato what is Damon doing to me.

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