His twin

Skyler-rose is over 10000 years old do you want to know how she's a vampire and not any ordinary vampire she's one of the originals she's klaus's twin sister she was born and raised in mystic falls but left at the age of 700 she just couldn't handle it but when she find out some news that caught her eye she returns to mystic falls thinking as soon as she straightened things out she would leave straight away but two certain boys known as the Salvatore brothers come into her life especially Damon will she stay or will she go


4. Klaus


i could feel the dagger being pulled out but how as soon as the dagger was out I went vampire speed out of the house so I could breath " ELENA WOULD YOU MIND LETTING ME IN THE HOUSE " I yelled through the house I could hear stefan Damon and elena come to the door " how did you get out " Damon said "I have no idea but who ever did I will have to visit them" "how lovely for you to join us we just had a visit from your family" Damon said with a smug look on his face "what have you done to Elijah and Rebekah " I said my facial exspression turning angry "why don't you have a look yourself" they moved out of the way for me to see Elijah and Rebekah lying on the ground  " it's sad knowing that you only mentioned two of you siblings my mind flashed to skyler " you better of not touched her " I said rage filling me "oops to late" Damon replied they moved a bit more for me to see skyler attached to a chair with her eyes closed she had so many cuts on her and vervain buns she also had knifes in her stomach my eyes started to change along with my mouth "LET ME IN NOW " i shouted "no "elena said I ran full speed at the door way but I felt nothing holding me back I turned around to see that I was in the lounge stefan elena Damon and the rest of them where near me shocked " how did you" elena said I turned towards my family to see skyler with her eyes open but they were glowing and she was chanting a spell we all looked at her she started to rise from the chair breaking the chains her wounds healed up and the knives fell out she stood up and lifted her hands and Elijah and Rebekah were stood up and healed she stopped chanting the spell the elena gang all looked at her in shock and fright well this will be good . 

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