His twin

Skyler-rose is over 10000 years old do you want to know how she's a vampire and not any ordinary vampire she's one of the originals she's klaus's twin sister she was born and raised in mystic falls but left at the age of 700 she just couldn't handle it but when she find out some news that caught her eye she returns to mystic falls thinking as soon as she straightened things out she would leave straight away but two certain boys known as the Salvatore brothers come into her life especially Damon will she stay or will she go


1. Introduction

Hey my names skyler-rose but call me sky or skyler I'm 5foot8 I have long brown wavy hair bright blue eyes and I'm 10000 years old I'm a vampire I have a twin whos 7 hours older then me and his name is Nicklaus I'm the second oldest in the family out of Nicklaus, Rebekah and Elijah ( not using the other ones ) I haven't seen them in 9300 years I left when I was 700 because at the time Nicklaus went on some type of killing spree and staked me with a chair leg six times so I left and I have had no contact with them ever since . I live Just out side of Canada by myself so I guess that's all about me. 

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