There's a storm brewing in Elsmore and the casters are desperately trying to gather all they can, for the epic battle will soon begin....


5. chapter 5

I made my way back to the headquarters.

The walls are plain white with not a single smudge on the walls, which made living here seem more lifeless then it already was. On my way in, the leader A.K.A the boss stopped me and asked if I did the charm. I scrunched up my nose due to the horrid stench that made its way to me from his lack of hygiene. His scent could be smelt from miles away. I looked him in the eyes and replied with a simple ‘no’. He looked like he was about to explode. His face went bright red and soon enough his frustration was let out on me. ‘I told you to do one simple task and you couldn’t even do that!’ I just stood as he yelled at me. I’m only a junior caster and I had no idea someone would follow me. Soon enough he got tired of yelling at me and left.

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