Pretty little games

I was just experimenting what would happend of they where in the hunger games all characters


3. chapter one

In the year 2014 a found out Allison was alive he captured her and then got angry he forced everyone that was one of his targets to compete in a fight to the death based on the hunger games. Today is the first day of the hunger games can everyone make it out? No... Only two people can win but the worst thing is, its a game against your loved ones only a boy and a girl can win so no matter what Emily will not be able to win with Maya. She is heartbroken along with Jenna Marshall and Shawna. Aria is numb completely numb she has not talked or cried or smiled for three months straight she knew this was coming. Spencer is angry she is Furious. Hannah has cried and cried she has not stopped crying. Alison. Ali is so mad she rebels and gets hurt, she knows if she rebelles she will get hurt but she does not care.

Spencer's POV

Next thing I knew I was in a see threw tube. I was blinded by a bright light. 'what the hell is that' I thought. It was the sun. GO! I was shocked I saw everyone leave their platforms. I sprinted as fast as I could I grabbed a spear and a back pack i ran towards the woods suddenly. Jenna jumped on top of me with a knife. "get the hell off me!" I screamed."you Spencer Hastings know only one of us can win and that person is going to be me!" She screeched.

She raised her knife! 'I am going to die right now I will never see Toby again or Hannah or aria or Emily or even Allison!' I thought. She plunged her knife down I closed my eyes. I felt her get off me. I must have died! I couldn't open my eyes.

Toby's pov

I sprinted off my plate I ran and grabbed a backpack and a sword I looked over to see Jenna on top of spencer oh hell no! I raced over and grab Jenna by the hair her knife plunged into Spencer's arm. I threw her off. "Toby how dare you I'm your sister! Not this git! I actually love you Unlike her she only put you in danger" she cries as I raised my sword over her I sat on top of her.

"Just this once Jenna I swear to god if I ever catch you trying to hurt Spencer again or her friends I will murder you myself. And don't you ever insult her again if anyone is a git it's you!!" I screamed.

"Come on Spencer. She is all gone you can wake up now. ". I said. She didn't budge. "Get up Spencer I love you please tell me you just have fainted" I looked up to see Melissa with a spear running over here. I picked up spencer on my back and raced into the woods.

I laid her against a log. I looked threw my backpack. Rope, 4 apples, a knife, some bread and a sleeping bag. I looked to see a backpack on spencer. I grabbed it inside was a first aid kit I saw a bandage and some goop I looked it said. ' for extreme cuts' I applied it to her cut then bandaged it...

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