"HELP!!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!" Then I take a deep breath in. I feel myself flying up and I start bawling. 'Im going to die now.' I think. I have a horrible feeling of death and fear in the bottom of my stomach. I feel myself hit the water and go under. I thrash around wildly thrusting my head above for a split second trying to take a breath. Then I start to sink to the bottom. 'I'll run out of air soon.' I know this is the end. I open my eyes for a last look of the world and quickly shut them as the water stings my eyes. I release my breath and start to let go of everything.


2. THE One Direction

I closed the door and turned to see Niall raiding the fridge and the boys spread across the living room.

"So how did you get here, and why, and how do you know me?" I asked

"Well we flew express plane and we came for a girl who's best friend felt really bad for her not going..." Harry said in his perfect British accent.

"... But I didn't expect to want more" he said and blushed. He brushed his hands through his thick brown curls and smiled at me. Niall plopped down on the couch with bags of food all around him. He flipped on the TV to 'football' and began stuffing his face. "So you wanna get out of here?" Louis asked with a smirk.

"Hannah has to see if the paparazzi are gone" Liam answered, looked around and smiled at me.

"Yes daddy" Niall mocked between bites of food. I couldn't help but laugh. I walked to the door and looked around. The hallway was as quiet as a library. I came back inside and signaled thumbs up "Coast is clear". I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face. This was the best day of my entire life! "Let's go!!!" Zayn said.

"IM NOT LEAVING MY FOOD" Niall said and stared Zayn down. "Ok ok ok ok we'll wait a little bit!!" Zayn said and threw up his hands. "Ill be right back" I said and walked to my room. I threw myself on the bed and screamed into a pillow as loud as I would have at their concert. Then I realized I was still in my sweat pants! I flipped out! I was in front of THE One Direction with no makeup or anything in my pjs. I peeked out of my door and said "I'm gonna get ready for the day, you do whatever" and I slipped behind the door. "Ok" I heard Niall mumble. I threw off my pjs and jumped in the shower.

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