"HELP!!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!" Then I take a deep breath in. I feel myself flying up and I start bawling. 'Im going to die now.' I think. I have a horrible feeling of death and fear in the bottom of my stomach. I feel myself hit the water and go under. I thrash around wildly thrusting my head above for a split second trying to take a breath. Then I start to sink to the bottom. 'I'll run out of air soon.' I know this is the end. I open my eyes for a last look of the world and quickly shut them as the water stings my eyes. I release my breath and start to let go of everything.


11. Plans

The arms swirl me around to face a cheeky grinning Harry. He lets go of my mouth and my jaw drops almost to the floor. "I'm gonna pretend to be mad at you now." I say and shoot him a look and turn around while crossing my arms stiffly. He starts to poke me in the back with quick gentle little taps all over. I get goosebumps just from his touch and smile quickly before I replace it with a forced frown. He spins in front of me again and leans in so he's only three inches away from my face. His warm breath exhales on my face. "I think I'm going to kiss you now" he whispers. I let my frown fall away and lean in so our foreheads out touching. I stare into his eyes and we smile. We come together and our lips meet sending waves of electricity down my spine. We part and breath heavily foreheads still together. We smile at each other and he leans back and climbs on top of the van. He extends his hand to me. I take it and he pulls me up. We lay on our backs facing the stars and I ask "So what was that book you were writing in earlier?"

"Oh, that's... Nothing." He smiles

"Really?" I raise my eyebrows and ask.

"Really." He smiles a huge and goofy smile and kisses my cheek.

"This is perfect." I whisper

"You're perfect." He whispers

My heart soars higher then an eagle in the sky. I smile from ear to ear.

"So what's gonna happen now with your life?" He asks

"Well I'm 19 now so I'm moving out, this was our last family vacation I was required to come on. I didn't exactly know where to move but I've been looking at a nice flat near Cheshire, in England."

"Really?" He looks over in amazement.

"Yup! I think I'm gonna take it now!"

"I wonder if that's anywhere near my flat?" He asks me.

"I don't know! Well soon I have to move all my stuff to England and get set up."

"The lads and I can help you!" He offers

"Really?!? That would be amazing!" Normally I don't like to take any favors or things from others but I mean HARRY and the 'LADS' wanted to help, I'm not gonna say no. Ahhhh the way he said lads. I smile thinking about it and he smiles back at me. The boys start to walk up to us so we sit up and hop off the car. "Time to go! Ill drive!" Liam says

We pile in the van and harry sits down next to me. The van backs up and starts to drive home. It's late and my eyelids start to get very heavy. I lay down, my head on Harry's lap and close my eyes, his hand gently caressing my jawline.

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