Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


6. The Sickness

My hangover just hit me and I just remembered something. After that kiss, Harry and I drank more and I didn't stop. He must have called Kaya! "So, you do have a hangover!," she said like a five year old who just won an argument. "Damnit!" I mumbled. I then ran to her nearest bathroom and puked my guts out. Just when I thought there was nothing else to throw up, I threw up more. Where was my stomach finding all this liquid! I decided to take a shower and drink some coffee because I'e heard it works well on getting rid of hangovers, then I passed out on the air mattress that Kaya has kept for me since Middle School. While I slept I had a dream. Well, it started off that way. Then it turned into a nightmare.

I was at Harry's house and he was throwing another party. I was enjoying myself when Harry and I started making out. I decided to pull away because I wasn't sure about him and I being a thing. Once I pulled away Harry turned into my dad and the Tommo that was sitting on the lounge chair turned into my mum and they started beating me and cutting me and practically killing me. Everyone that was at the party weren't there anymore, except Kaya who was laughing in my face.

I woke up                                                                

I was breathless and scared. I almost screamed, but something stopped me.





Sorry for such a short chapter!!!!!! I diddn't know what else to write because I have a great idea for the next chapter! I hope to update more often!



heyyyyyyy i edited im watching the gold bergs omg

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