Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


14. Tell me Something I don't Know



"Erm" Harry wasn't gonna answer me, was he. I just need to know what happened in there.

"C'mon, you can tell me Harry!" I tried to sound cheerful.

"Um, well................. My step dad isn't the nicest person in the world, and to get away from him, I kinda lied and said that my fake career is gonna make me go to America for awhile. Of course, I always go to Louis' house whenever stuff like this happens." I didn't even realize that Harry had pulled over, and not to long after he was finished speaking, he broke down in tears. I leaned over and engulfed him in a hug and we just sat there for awhile. But I was thinking. Why a fake band? Why America? What specifically did his dad ahem, step dad do to him? At least he told me something  I didn't know before. He can make his step dad believe a lie. And that he lies to loved ones. But was his step dad a loved one? AAAAAAAAH I NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS!

"At least you have most everything worked out for now." I said after his crying slowed and he stopped sobbing.

"Well, I'd rather stay at your place, if that is okay." OH NO what should I tell him. That my parents don't like guests. That would be stupid.

"Erm, I don't think my parents would be okay with that. They are very odd and most times mean." I said sort of truthfully, not trying to give away to much. All I knew is that I wish that I could go with him to Louis' house. So then we could both escape our crazy parents.

"Here, come with me to Louis' place for a while. We can stop by your place and get you some stuff?" I was about to explode in joy that I could leave my parents soon!

"YES!" I practically screamed.

Harry started driving towards my house and I told him to park a block away. He looked puzzled at first, but then decided to go along with it.

Once I was inside, I was relieved that my parents weren't home. But they could be any minute. I rushed up to my room grabbed a bag and stuffed some clothes into it.

I was sure to grab my brother's watch that he gave me before he died. That's right. My brother died. 

A tear slipped my eye, but then I heard a car pull up in the driveway. 

My parents.

I went out my window on the ladder that was pushed up against the side of the house, and made it down safely. FREEEEEDOMMMMMMMMM!



I made sure my parents were inside, then I dashed towards Harry's range rover and told him to hurry up.

He seemed to understand that something was terribly wrong, and decided to go as fast as he could out of here. I caught a glimpse of my parents running out of the house and cheering. What, did they not like me or something? Probably.






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