Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.



A/N I know that it is no longer Harry's birthday, but I don't care!




It was a silent drive towards Louis' house. I guess it was just because the fact that she just ditched her parents. But they can't possibly be worse than my step dad.

I just think she wants to get away from her parents like any other teenager.

Something was bugging me though. The fact that Louis will get any girl that attracts him. I really love Kate....... Like really.

When we got to Louis' house I unlocked the door, and it sounded like no one was home. 

"You can just set your stuff down over here." I said and started leading her to the living room, but then a whole bunch of people came out and yelled "SURPRISE!!!!!!!"

I was just flat out confused for a little bit, but the  I remembered that it is my birthday.

Man, I am so old. I AM NO LONGER A TEENAGER! 

I decided to pull out my phone and tweet "Just sitting around being 20."

I locked my phone and looked up to see Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall talking to Kate. A mixture of Jealousy and anger washed over me. But I tried to hide it because I don't want to be way overprotective. That would just be weird.

"Hey guys, thanks for the party." I tried to direct their attention towards me and not towards Kate.

"It was all Louis' idea!"  Niall said cheerful.

"AWWWWWW Boobear, you didn't have to!" Rumor has it Louis and I are in a relationship, WRONG! But we decided to make a joke out of it.

"OF COURSE I HAD TO HAZZA!" Louis yelled.

"Hey Boobear, could me and Kate here stay for a while?" I asked very very hopeful that Kate could stay without any flirting from Louis.

"Of course Hazza!!!! I remember Kate, she came to that party that you threw right?" Boobear was acting dumb and stupid again.

"Yep" I said popping the p.

"OH YEAH, YOU GUYS TOTALLY MADE OUT AT THE PARTY!!" Ah, classic Louis. My cheeks went red, and so did Kate's.

"LET'S START THIS PARTAY!" Liam said, realizing how awkward Louis made this.

"I AGREE LEEYUM!" Niall shouted.



This is gonna be a great party, if Louis doesn't hit on her.

"SO Kate, tell me about yourself." oh no. Louis is off.




Next chapter soon my carrots.



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