Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


7. Friends?

When I woke up I felt so much better. The problem was, I woke up in my regular bedroom. My parents were probably gonna be mad at me for going to a random boy's house without their permission, and all of that stuff.

But the problem was, my parents were gonna beat me for it. I decided to get a suitcase and shove a whole bunch of clothes into it along with lots of bathroom supplies. You never know when they will come in handy! Before I sneaked out, I went downstairs to see if the coast was clear.

My mum was sitting in the living room watching a recorded episode of the x factor. She looked so focused on the t.v., but I decided not to risk getting caught so I decided to sneak out the window in my room. Before I left I locked my door and made a barrier so no one could get in unless they spent hours. I grabbed the suitcase and went to Kaya's house.

"Why did you come back here," she half shouted. Her hazel eyes were darkened with anger and disappointment. 

"Because I decided to get away from my parents before they had the chance to kill me!" I said with a voice that sounded more confident that I felt. 

"Why don't you go to your little 'boyfriend', huh?" she sounded like a two year old that couldn't have a popsicle! 

"MAYBE I WILL!" I sobbed. I didn't want to fight. We have been friends since elementary school! Kaya has always been there for me, especially when my parents decided to abuse me because I had no purpose in their lives. "Are you just mad because of Harry? Just because I like him, doesn't mean you have to hate me! Can't I make my own decisions? You are my best friend in the world, and if we are true friends, then you wouldn't hate me because of this!" I said very confident in my words. My cheeks were turning rosy because I was so angry. My cheeks never turn that color unless I am truly angry or uncomfortable in a situation.

"It's not that. It's... it's...," She couldn't finish her sentence because her sobs were overpowering her words. I knew she was telling the truth because, well. I am her best friend... maybe. I don't know yet. I mean I used to.

"What is it Kaya? You can always talk to me! I've been your best friend for, like, ever!" I said in the most comforting tone that I could, because I was so angry it didn't sound too comforting! 

"Zayn," was all I could hear her say over her loud sobs. Zayn was her boyfriend and Harry's friend, they have been on and off so I was extremely scared of what was going to happen. 

"Let's go inside," I said in a calmer, more comforting voice. She only nodded and we went inside. I put my suitcase down and sat her down on the couch, got a glass of water, but something stopped me in the kitchen.




OOOOOOH! CLIFF HANGER! I am so bored because I can't go to school, so I have nothing to do so I will probably be updating more frequently until I go back to school! I <3 you all!



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