Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


13. Dangerous Encounter



Ugh. Today I have to go back to school. I have been avoiding my parents all weekend and I have been staying at Harry's place. I keep making up lame excuses. Someday he will need to know that my parents abuse me. 

Anyway, today I am mainly scared to see Kaya. She has been through a lot in just one weekend! Also she doesn't approve of Harry, but I know so much more about him. Kaya was sooooooooooo wrong. He is not a man-whore. He actually shared with me that he was still a virgin!

Once Harry and I were finished getting ready, we started to head out the door. But before we could go a man stopped us. He looked really drunk. I saw Harry's face turn white and his expression went from happy to scared to protective in mere seconds.




It's him. My step dad, Robin. He has been gone all weekend on a 'business trip'. AKA he went and slept with other women and got drunk all the time in Vegas. He told me to not tell my mom that, but there has been bigger things that he has done.

"AH, Harry, my boy! How are yah. Did ya'll miss me here at home" he slurred. I just wanted to scream, but I knew I shouldn't

"I was just heading off to school," I said calmly. I hope he was too drunk to see Kate, but that probably wasn't gonna happen.

"And whose this! She is lovely. Darlin' let me show you around" he was starting to sway back in forth as he reached for Kate. I shot her look that said 'don't do it or else you will regret it'. 

"She already knows her way around." I spat, getting angrier at the second. How dare he try and take her somewhere and do who knows what to her.

Next thing I knew he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the hall out of sight. He then whispered "Send her somewhere else and you can pay her price, or let her do it." He then pulled out a knife and I knew that I had to be brave. I walked back to where Kate was standing, not knowing what to do.

" Can you just go out into the car please. I need to take care of my step dad." I was trying to sound truthful, but it came out sounding a bit like a lie. 

Thankfully, she knew that I needed to set my step dad straight somehow. Oh how much I just wish I could tell her. Only me and Mark new what was coming.

After she left my dad dragged me into a room. Here we go again. But still, it has been worse, much worse.



I was scared about what he was gonna do to Harry. I knew very little about his step dad. But Harry seemed to know what was coming. I was gonna trust him to handle what ever happened. Then I heard moans. Not from Harry but it sounded like drunk moans. 

WAIT. He wouldn't dare. I decided that it would be best to stay outside to stay safe but still had to do something.

I decided to call him.




My phone started ringing and I saw that it was Kate. I have always told my dad that I am in a band that is not really famous so I just said "It's management, I've gotta take this." He grunted and let me answer. This is how our phone call went:

H- So I need to come into the studio and record?

K- What the hell are you talking about?

H-OH, it's urgent and it can't wait?

K- Harry, are you okay?

H- A whole month in America! I will be there soon to discuss things!


H- Cya


"Management needs me. Sorry." I lied. I was a really good liar, plus he was drunk so he wouldn't notice. I put my clothes on and fled to the car and drove away.

"What the hell happened to you" Kate questioned.



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