Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


9. Can We Fix It?



I woke up to the sound of a familiar voice saying "Get out here or else I will break down the door and kick your ass!" It was Zayn. I was so scared and Kate wasn't next to me! I got up, put my turtleneck, and went outside to face Zayn. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT TELL ME THAT YOU WERE DATING HARRY! Bitch..." he yelled while a weak attempt throwing a pebble at my face. 

"I am not dating Harry." I weakly replied to his lie.

"He said you were his girlfriend! ARE YOU SAYING MY BEST MATE LIED TO ME!" he was obviously drunk. And he was an angry drunk, and I mean really angry.

"Well, Kate told me that she was Harry's girlfriend. Maybe you heard the name wrong." I was so surprised at how confident I sounded, judging he could hurt me in any way possible. 

"WHATEVER!" he yelled and walked in a not so straight line down the street. But the pebble he threw hit my eye. While it was open I might add!






I woke up with a giant hangover and realization of what I had done to Kaya. I was so drunk that I thought crazy things, and did crazy things to deal with it. I can't believe I hurt her. I hope she understands. I decided to go over to her house to see if we could fix it. But, I understand why she might hide from me.

I knocked on her door and she showed up in a turtle neck shirt and jeans. She looked scared. It hurt me to see her like that. "It's okay, can we just talk?" I soothed. She let me in and we sat on the couch. The smell of liquor lingered. Probably from when I went to her house. "I am so sorry Kaya. I was so drunk and thought the craziest thing in the world, and I understand if you want me to leave, but I truly love you and I hope you understand," I was trying to explain my feelings to the best of my ability, but it was hard.




I wasn't sure if I could trust him anymore. Not after what happened. He gets drunk quite a bit, but is very sweet and loving when he isn't drunk. I don't want to be the one to break his heart. He hurt me both physically and mentally. "No, you hurt me, I don't think I could forget that," I mumbled. And with that he walked out.

It just occurred to me that Kate wasn't here anymore. Where could she be?




Sorry if I went sort of away from Kate and Harry, but I thought there should be other things going on rather than focusing on just Kate and Harry. Also, I might add girlfriends for other characters (probably One Direction) so just leave your name, height(if you can), and eye color in the comments! THANKS!


if you add a bit of detail then I could add detail to the character. read my stories plz and i will love you forever and you will be my wifey lol i just realized can we fix it is from B.o.B. the builder lolololololol

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