Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


10. Books on a Bedroom Floor



I sat in the room. Mom and Dad were out for the day, so I took the day to do absolutely everything I can't do with them here. I sat and read my books in utter peace. 

Every week I would sneak to the library and check out a few books while mom and dad were off getting drunk. This past week I had chosen The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Peter Pan, and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. I was at that part in TPoBaW where Charlie is having to sub in for Rocky and I heard a knock on the door. Could that be my parents. They could have forgotten their keys. Oh no. 

I speed cleaned, hiding my books in the usual spots, not forgetting to put a bookmark in TPoBaW so I wouldn't lose my spot. After I was done I rushed d

own the stairs and opened the door, ready for the punishment. 

To my surprise it was Harry. We haven't seen each other since the party. "Sup." he questioned. Should I tell him I was reading. Why would he care though? Why do I care so much about what he thinks about me?

"Nothing much." I tried to sound as cheerful as possible. Apparently I wasn't masking my scared feeling to well.

"Whats wrong?" man he was so sexy when he was concerned.

"Nothing. Can we go to yours?" the look on his face made me know that I would have to tell him about my parents some day. But how could I? Kaya was the only one who knew.

"Okay" he hesitated.

We got into a car this time. Seeing my confused look he said "It's my step dad's." I just nodded. We soon arrived at Harry's house.





Sorry for my updating skills. I have gone back to school and have been very busy. I know no one reads these, but if you do you are AMAZAYN! If you have any suggestions on movellas for me to read, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment them. I would like to read them. Because some of my homework is reading, so why not read fan fictions?

WELL BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (oh btw, I am gonna try and update weekly, but no promises)

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