Rosalie's Chance

Rosalie meets 2 girls that finally give her the chance to be what she desires most: a mother. They have problems of their own that who knows how will come out?


1. intro

Bridget’s POV

We left the Port Angeles library quickly. It was closing for the day, and if I was lucky I would be able to find a warm place for us to sleep tonight. My little sister, Eden, was 3, and I was 13. We had run away from a foster home when I heard that someone was going to adopt Eden, without me. It was selfish of me, I know, my sister could be living with a family in a house with a bed, but the thought of the world taking away my sister, the only one I had left, had killed me inside. So we ran off in the middle of the night. I had asked her about it before we left, I told Eden everything I had heard, but she wanted me. I knew I shouldn’t have let her make that decision. She was too young to understand, but I didn’t want her to leave me. As annoying as she is, she was all I had left. My parents didn’t talk to the rest of my family because of some huge fight, and none of them would take us in.

My parents had died in an accident with a drunk driver. I was babysitting my sister, as an anniversary gift to them, some together time. It was going perfectly until the phone rang. The neighbor drove us to the hospital, and with their dying words, our parents told us, “We love you. Be strong for us, and for each other. Keep each other safe. Never forget that you’re beautiful, and we will always love you, no matter what.” No words could describe the way I felt, but I can try: empty, filled with despair, no hope. Then I looked at the little girl standing next to me, and I became strong. Not for me, but for her. She needed me more than I needed myself.

I walked to the park, with Eden asleep on my shoulder. There was a warmish spot on a bench. I positioned her so she was almost in my jacket and sat there until I started dozing. I saw a shadow move in the distance, with a flashlight. Security guard! I shot up, and ran as fast as I could through a hole in the fence. I ran a few blocks away before I started walking again, trying to catch my breath from running so fast. Too soon for that, a cop was patrolling the area! There was an alley that cut to the next street over. I ran through and realized that it was lined with bars and night clubs. This is not a good situation at all, especially with a 3 year old who just woke up.

“Sissy? Where are we? She said sleepily. “I’m not sure. We have to stay quiet okay?” She nodded and we carefully walked down another alley, which I faintly remembered was part of a shortcut to the mall. I jumped on my opportunity, and didn’t even realize we were being followed.

“Where ya going there sweetheart?” a drunken voice called out before a very loud belch. I had been in this situation before. The other guy was older, and was so drunk that he had passed out before he was too close to me. I started running this time, holding my sister close. Too late, 1 of his friends was on the other side. “Answer his question there sugar.” He said, right in my face. He wreaked of beer and cigarettes. Time to lie. Best one you can come up with. “I’m going to meet my older brothers at the mall. If you could kindly move, I really should be going. They’re going to come look for me.” I tried my best rushed voice and tried to push my way through. “Not a chance, baby. Let them look for you. We’ll keep you company.” “Oh, no you won’t.” I heard from behind me. It was a woman’s voice, but different. It sounded nearly just like my mom’s, very similar to her “angry voice”. These guys might want to run. “Hey there angel. How about you and I have a little fun?” “Not gonna happen you creep.” “That’s what you think babe. I was just telling that to your friend here.” I felt someone grab me from behind. My sister was ripped from my arms. I screamed and whoever grabbed me covered my mouth. “SISSY!” Eden screeched. I did everything I could. I kicked, I punched, I bit, but none of it did anything. I was so weak. I had somehow gotten us registered for school, so we had at least 1 meal a day, but that was only 5 days a week. It was Saturday, and I hated it because I knew we’d be hungry. I didn’t always sleep much. I wasn’t strong. The only thing I was good at was running. I kept fighting, tears streaming down my face, trying to save my sister. Mom and dad told me to protect her, why couldn’t I just do it? I felt a pinch in my arm, and then I blacked out.

Rosalie’s POV

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing. I had been walking to my car with Emmett after buying gifts for my family. I heard what was going on and just went crazy running over there. I told him to wait for me but I knew he would follow, at least at a distance though. I was outnumbered by a lot, but these idiots couldn’t hurt me now. I saw their target. Oh my gosh, it was two little girls! The words that appeared in my head were words that Esme would not approve of. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. Then I watched as the little girl’s sister was taken away from her, screaming. She bursted into a panic, but was no match for the muscular criminal behind her, especially after he forced some mystery drug into her blood stream. I don’t know what came over me.

“Put them down.” “What are you gonna do blondie?” I threw him against a wall and he was knocked out cold. The guy holding the older one was so stunned that he dropped her, but I was into my instincts so much that I didn’t really go towards her. I moved as fast as I could and ripped the little girl away from the captor, holding her by my side. Emmett stood over the guy who had had the older one, who was passed out probably because of the drug. He gently picked up the girl, right before he drop kicked him into next year.

“Sissy? Wakey wakey!” The little girl screeched, tapping her sister. “She’ll be okay, she’s just napping.” I said. We brought them to the car, and Emmett raced to the house. I called Esme and explained the situation.

The little one looked upset by the speed. “It’s okay sweetie, Emmett’s a really good driver.” “Okay. When will Sissy wake up?” “I don’t know, sweetie. So Sissy is your big sister? What’s your name?” “Eden.” “Eden, that’s a very pretty name. How old are you?” “Three.” “Three! Wow you’re so old! How old is Sissy?” “Thirteen, yesterday was birthday.” She said smiling. “Wow you 2 are so old! But why were you out there all alone? Where are your mommy and daddy?” “Sissy says dare with angels in the sky.” “Why aren’t you with an aunt or a foster parent, honey?” “I can’t tell you.” “Why not?” “Sissy get mad.” “I promise I won’t tell her. It will be our secret.” “We runned away because they were gonna take me away.” “Take you away from what?” “Sissy.” We pulled up to the house. Everyone was outside.

I quickly handed Eden to Esme, who was next to the door. Edward picked up Sissy, which I assumed was short for something Eden couldn’t say very well or a nickname, and rushed inside with Carlisle and Bella. After that, everything was a blur.

Bridget’s POV

I could hear voices but they were soft, distant. What happened? All I can remember was running away from a cop through an alley and then blank, nothing. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I could hear faint noises and feel my surroundings. I was on something soft, like a bed or a sofa, and there was a blanket or something on top of me. I had a pillow, I think. The voices came closer, I could hear some of the words now, it was no longer the gentle murmurs from before. “Alley… little sister… drugged…” What? Was Eden okay?! My entire body reacted. My breathing got faster, my heartbeat went faster, and my head was pounding like I had been run over by a truck. Something cold carefully caressed my cheek. I felt the support of the bed gone, with strong arms replacing it. Whoever had picked me up was holding me close, like I was a crying toddler. I faintly remember hearing humming or singing before I fell into a deep sleep.

Rosalie’s POV

I had cooked Eden something to eat, and she looked very confused. “What’s wrong Eden? You don’t like it?” “No, it’s good, but why can I eat now? And why aren’t you eating?” “I ate earlier. What do you mean why can you eat now?” “Sissy and me never ate out of school unless we found money on the floor! I didn’t know we could eat outside of school!” I was a bit shocked, and so was everyone else.

Then I heard Eden’s unknown sister upstairs. Her heartbeat was faster and her breathing was faster, and uneven. She was okay, Carlisle, Emmett and Esme were in there. I hoped she was okay. If I had only been paying more attention, I could have caught her before she hit the ground! She banged her head pretty hard, and slammed down on her ribcage. Nothing was broken, but she was covered in bruises apparently. We all heard everything of course. Esme had cradled her in her arms and was humming. Eventually she returned to the sleepy state. Edward spoke in a voice to low for Eden to hear, “She’s terrified that something happened to Eden. Talk where she can’t hear you.”

“I’m tiwed Rosie.” Eden yawned. “Okay, you can sleep in my bed.” “But where are you gonna sweep?” “I’ll be fine. You’re more tired than I am anyway.” I put her in 1 of Alice’s t-shirts, it was kind of big, but it worked for now. I turned off the lights, and heard a small whimper. “What’s wrong Eden?” “I don’t like the dark. It’s scary.” “What does Sissy usually do when you go to bed?” “She sleeps with me! Can I go sleep by Sissy?” She had tears in her little eyes. “I don’t think you can, sweetie, she isn’t sleeping like she probably normally does.” “But I don’t wanna be all by myself! The monsters will come get me!” I heard a lot of Aw! That’s so adorable!‘s from downstairs. “How about I stay with you? Will that make it better?” “Mmhmm.” “Okay, but only because you’re so cute.” She giggled. I climbed next to her and she slid into me, tucking her head in the nape of my neck. She was so cute, and adorable. I knew that if I moved I’d wake her, so I had no chance of getting up the rest of the night. I heard Alice downstairs say something like, “They’ll both wake up in about 3 hours.”

Okay, 3 hours… I decided to just think. I thought about why they should stay. The Volturi had long since given up on trying to take us over, seeing that our diet has made us nearly completely different in our social tendencies. They could care less about a few humans, as long as we didn’t doom the rest of them and told people that found out, which wouldn’t happen, that all vampires drink animal now. If we put them back in foster care, they’d probably run. I prepared my argument when I heard the same reaction from earlier, fast heartbeat, and uneven breathing, but this time I also heard a small mumbling. “Eden… Eden…” Then Eden woke up. “Rosie, why you so cold?” “Doesn’t matter. I think someone wants to see you.” “Sissy!”

Bridget’s POV

“Eden…Eden…” Where was my sister?! My eyes flew open. I was in a beautiful room that was obviously a master bedroom. There was a portrait on the wall of a couple: an absolutely gorgeous, and pale couple. The man had golden hair, and the woman had beautiful chestnut brown hair. I was so focused on the room that I didn’t notice that I was still being held. “Hi.” The woman said kindly. It was obviously the woman in the portrait, the picture could have been take a second ago. She looked exactly like it, without even the slightest hint of age. “Hi.” I said. “Would you like to see your sister?” She asked quietly. “Yes please!” I asked, filling with worry every second she was out of my sight. She gently placed me on my feet and led the way down a long hallway, down a staircase. I followed quickly, trying not to touch anything. Everything looked like it costed $10,000 each. “Sissy!” I heard from my sister. Relief washed over me as I realized she was still in 1 piece. “Eden!” I enveloped my sister in a hug. “Sissy, stop! You’re embawassing me!” “Aw, please!” “No!” I put her down.

“Thank you for saving us. I can’t express my gratitude.” “Don’t worry sweetie. We were happy to help. I wasn’t going to stand by when…” She stopped when she saw my eyes and my obvious gesture to my sister. “Oh, um , sorry.” “So, if you don’t mind my asking, could you tell us your real name? All Eden calls you is Sissy.” The brunette muscular guy asked. “It’s Bridget.” “Bridget, huh, I like it.” “Well, Bridget, you hit your head pretty hard. You’re going to have to take it easy for a little while. This is as good a place as any to recover. Let me introduce myself, I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen. You can just call me Carlisle, though.” The others introduced themselves as well.

Nessie took Eden back to bed. I still didn’t like my sister away from me but I would have to deal with it for a little while. “So Bridget, I understand that you and your sister ran away from a foster home?” Carlisle asked. Busted. “Um…” “Well, Bridget, how long exactly have you been on the lamb?” “About 4 months, my parents died about 7 months ago.” “So you spent 3 months in foster care before you ran off?” “Yes, but it was mostly the trial in the first 2 months. They wanted to get it over with so we could live in peace.” “Trial?” “Yes sir, my parents were killed in a drunk driving accident while I was watching my sister.” I cringed slightly. It’s not easy to talk about my parents’ death. It wasn’t a casual thing, and I tried to avoid it as much as possible. “Well, Bridget, I don’t know how we will handle this. You’ve already run from a foster home, and probably will again if we brought you back. Maybe it would be best if you stayed with us permanently.” “Permanently? Like adopting us?” “Yes, that is, if you’d like. It’s completely your decision.” “Well, as nice as that sounds, I don’t think that would be a good idea. We don’t want to be a burden. Thank you for the offer though.” “Honey you wouldn’t be a burden, we’d positively love having some children around! There isn’t ever any variety here, everything has started taking on the same boring rhythm. Please reconsider!” “Yes, please! I’d love having someone younger for them to baby!” Nessie said. “Well, I…” “You’re going to stay right?” Alice said, looking like she would cry if I said no. “But…” “Please Bridget. We would like to know you’re safe.” “Oh, okay. I’ll stay.” I felt bad. I can’t just take advantage of their kindness like this! They had no idea what they were getting into. “Wonderful! You probably should be getting back to bed. It’s very late.” Carlisle insisted. Esme brought me back to what I found out was her room, and insisted I sleep in there. I tried to argue, but I could tell it would be a losing battle. “Go sleep baby.”

I woke up, and walked carefully downstairs. “Morning.”

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