Hero (Zayn Malik)

Lilian has finally had enough of her shitty life, the only good things in her life being a certain five boys, but even they couldn't save her. She was too far gone. So when Lilian decides that she has finally had enough, and ends it all, what happens if it wasn't actually the end? When a certain boyband member finds her and saves her, what will happen to Lilian? Will her life have a happy ending or will she continue in her downward spiral into hell?


3. Waking Up

*Zayn's POV*

5 hours. 14 minutes. 12 seconds. 13 seconds. 14 seconds. 15 seconds.

That's how long I've been sitting in the hospital waiting, waiting to hear something about Lilian. I don't know why I care so much, I don't even know her, but I feel like I need to be here when she wakes up.

If she wakes up.

I took a deep breath in and let it out, why am I so worked up about some girl I don't even know? I didn't even know she existed until about 6 hours ago, if I hadn't have been walking with Louis where I was and when I was, I still wouldn't know that she existed. She's spent the last three years of her life, tweeting me, doing anything to try and get me to notice her, but not once did I notice her.

"Who's here for Lilian Connors?" I heard a nurse ask. My head snapped up and I walked over to her.

"Yeah, I'm here for her," I said while rubbing my eyes. I haven't gotten any sleep.

"Follow me please," she nodded her head to the hallway and I followed her down the hall and into, what I assumed was her office.

"Now I understand that you aren't her family." She said.

I just nodded my head.

"How do you know Lilian?"

Shit. I can't just tell her that I found her half dead in the middle of an alley, she won't tell me anything.

"I'm her boyfriend." I said, figuring she would tell me what I needed to know and then let me see her.

"Okay, well since you're not her immediate family, I can't let you into her room, but I can tell you her conditions, " I nodded for her to continue, "She should be okay, we got the pills out of her system and we have her hooked up to life support, she should start breathing on her own within the next 24 hours, but if she doesn't, then she might not make it."

I nodded slowly, processing all of the information.

"Can I please see her?" I begged.

She sighed, "I'm sorry, I wish I could, but until I get a hold of her immediate family I can't let anyone besides direct family and doctors in her room. I'm going to call them right now, you can stay here if you wish."

I nodded, and she walked out of the room. God I want to see her, while I was waiting for the doctor to return I pulled out my phone, I saw that I had tons of messages from the boys, except Louis, he knows where I am.

From: Liam

mate where are you? we were supposed to chill last night!

From: Liam

pls respond, i'm getting worried

From: Liam

who's that girl you tweeted about? are you okay, pls respond

From: Harry

hey mate! wanna chill tonight? i got some new movies:)

From: Harry


From: Harry

zayn are you okay? where are you? i'm worried, pls respond to me! me and the rest of the boys are worried

From: Harry

zayn, niall's crying, we are so worried, where are you mate?

From: Niall

zayn whr e arw you im so wqorbhd i cant tyrpw properly i; m cryigb wherr awe iut

From: Niall


5 missed calls from Liam

5 missed calls from Harry

18 missed calls from Niall

I sighed and decided to send them all a text:

hey boys, sorry i didn't respond earlier, i fell asleep and then my phone died and i couldn't find my charger, but i'm fine:)xx

I hit send and turned my phone all the way off and put it in my pocket.

The doctor walked back in, "I reached her family but they said they aren't coming and that you can go in." She said sounding a little bit confused, I am too, I mean your daughter just attempted suicide and you aren't even going to visit her in the hospital.

I stood up and followed the doctor down the hall to Lilian's room. I opened the door and I gasped. I was not expecting this.

*Lilian's POV*

I heard the door open, followed by a gasp, I turned around and put the small blade I had behind my back.

When I recognized who was at the door I gasped and I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes, "I'm sorry Zayn. I'm so so sorry." I said.

"Why are you sorry?" He looked confused.

"B-because, I promised you I wouldn't try to do this, but I did, and if you would have walked in one second later you would've found me lying on the floor in a pool of my own blood." I looked down, I couldn't look at him, I always imagined this moment, and this was not how I imagined it.

"Hey, love, look at me," He walked towards me and lifted my chin up to look him in the eyes. I almost collapsed right there, his eyes were so much more beautiful in real life, cameras just don't do him justice.

"Don't be sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help you, I wish I could have, but I am so proud of you for pulling through. You are so strong, and I love you, don't forget that." I turned away and walked to the hospital bed, I put my head into my pillow and started sobbing, happy tears and sad tears.

He loves me. He just said he loved me. I know he doesn't actually mean it because no one could love a train wreck like me.

"No you don't, you're just saying that because you feel bad for me. Why are you even here? You don't even know me."

"I found you in the alley, I tried to save you, but you stopped breathing, I was with Louis and he gave you CPR which revived you, and then the ambulance took you away. I know I don't know you, but I want to get to know you. Who wouldn't want to get to know such a beautiful girl like you?"

I couldn't respond, I had no words, with tears continually streaming down my face I wrapped my arms around him and he didn't hesitate to hug me back.

I must be dreaming.

I hope I'm not.

But if I am, I hope I never wake up.


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