Hero (Zayn Malik)

Lilian has finally had enough of her shitty life, the only good things in her life being a certain five boys, but even they couldn't save her. She was too far gone. So when Lilian decides that she has finally had enough, and ends it all, what happens if it wasn't actually the end? When a certain boyband member finds her and saves her, what will happen to Lilian? Will her life have a happy ending or will she continue in her downward spiral into hell?


2. Saving Her

*Lilian's POV*

Everything was dark and quiet, it was nice, I quite enjoyed it. If this is what death is, then I wouldn't mind being dead. Everything is so peaceful.

I could hear laughing, a beautiful angelic laugh that I had grown to love.

Zayn's laugh.

I must be heaven, because this isn't real, did the pills work? Am I finally free of this god awful world?

I heard the laughter get closer, but then it stopped all of a sudden, no. Keep laughing.

But he never did.

"Call 911" (A/N this takes place in england, but i'm not sure what the emergency number is in england, so i'm just using canada's)

I don't like this. I can't see anything, but I can hear everything around me. Can I move? Am I still alive? I don't want to be alive, I want to be dead, I hate living.

"Zayn, do something, see if she is awake."


Zayn fucking Malik. No. This isn't happening, I'm dead. I took the pills. I stopped breathing.

"She's still breathing!"

No. No, no, no, no, no, no. 

"Try and wake her up or something!"


I felt hands on my shoulders, and they started to shake.

"C'mon, wake up." I heard him mumble to himself.

I don't want to wake up though, Zayn. I don't deserve to wake up.

He's still shaking me. I could feel myself slipping back into consciousness but I wasn't giving up that quickly, I needed to die, I deserve to die.

Soon enough the shaking stopped.

I couldn't hear anything. I was totally numb.

I'm gone.


*Zayn's POV* 

I was walking through the streets of Doncaster with Louis, he decided to come home for our two weeks off, and I joined him since my family is away on vacation for these two weeks.

I miss them so much, being on tour and not being able to see them is really hard.

"Hey, Zayn?"


"Why did the mushroom go to the party?"

"Oh god Louis, not this again, it's an awful joke."

"Because he was a fungi!" Louis exclaimed, and bursted into laughter, I soon started laughing with him because his laugh was very contagious, but all of a sudden Louis stopped walking and stopped laughing, I looked up confused, but Louis just pointed to what looked like a girl slumped against the wall of the convenient store, and she wasn't moving.

My laughter stopped.

I ran over to the girl.

"Call 911." Louis pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed the number and began speaking to the person on the other line.

I turned back to the girl and I saw a bottle of pills beside her. Empty. She tried to kill herself.

I checked her pulse, "She's still breathing!" I exclaimed.

"Try and wake her up or something." Louis told me.

I started shaking the girl's shoulders as hard as I could to get her to wake up.

"C'mon wake up." I mumbled to her and to myself.

I stopped shaking her to check her pulse once more, but it was gone.

She was gone.

"She's not breathing anymore." I told Louis, wiping unshed tears out of my eyes. I couldn't save her.

"I know CPR, do you think that will help?" Louis asked.

"I don't know, but try." I said and moved away from the girl so Louis could do what he had to do.

I saw something lying a couple of feet away from her, a phone.

I picked it up and looked at her case.

A One Direction case, but it looked like she had made it herself, it was the picture of all five of us in a huddle with our hands in the middle (Like what they do before a show, you know what picture i'm talking about right?) and it had 2010 on the top, the year we were on x factor, and at the bottom it said, Lifesavers.

I turned on the phone and saw my face, I was her lock screen, I slid open her phone and was surprised when there was no password on it. Twitter was open and I saw her last few tweets, to me and the boys.

@zayynshood: i'm sorry, but i can't take this anymore, i'm done with this shit hole of a world, goodbye.

@zayynshood: @Real_Liam_Payne thank you for keeping me alive these past three years, but i just can't take it anymore, goodbye, i love you.

@zayynshood: @Louis_Tomlinson thank you everything you have done for me these past three years, but i'm done now, i can't take it anymore, goodbye, i love you.

@zayynshood: @NiallOfficial i love you, thank you for these amazing three years, but i can't take this world anymore, goodbye.

@zayynshood: @Harry_Styles so this is my final goodbye, thank you for these past three years, i love you so much, thank you for everything, goodbye.

Sighing, I started my very last tweet I will ever write, my final tweet, to Zayn.

@zayynshood: @zaynmalik this is so hard, this goodbye, you've been keeping me alive the past three years, but i'm sorry, i just can't take it anymore, i'm done. so this is it. goodbye zayn, i love you.

This girl had many followers, almost 25K, and no one even responded to those tweets, nothing. These are basically her suicide tweets, I decided to follow this girl, and send a little tweet out about her.

@zaynmalik: hii, zayn here, if you could all please send your thoughts and prayers out to @zayynshood and her family, she has tried to commit suicide, so please send her all your love. xx

I pressed tweet and I instantly saw the girl's phone blow up with twitter mentions, and what made my heart warm was that none of them said "omg you're so lucky zayn followed you and tweeted you" they said things like, "I love you" or "I'm thinking about you" or "Praying for you" I also saw a trend starting: #prayforlilian.


What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

I heard sirens nearing and I immediately put my phone into my pocket and ran to Louis.

"Ambulance is here." I told him.

He nodded, and picked up the extremely skinny girl, probably too skinny, and brought her over to the ambulance.

They out her onto a stretcher and put her into the back of the ambulance, since me and Louis weren't her family, we had to take out own car to the hospital, we ran back to our car and took off towards the hospital.

All I could think about was Lilian.

God, I hope she's alright.

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