Hero (Zayn Malik)

Lilian has finally had enough of her shitty life, the only good things in her life being a certain five boys, but even they couldn't save her. She was too far gone. So when Lilian decides that she has finally had enough, and ends it all, what happens if it wasn't actually the end? When a certain boyband member finds her and saves her, what will happen to Lilian? Will her life have a happy ending or will she continue in her downward spiral into hell?


4. Authors Note

heyy guys, sorry if you thought this was an update, but i'm really just not feeling well and even though it's only been three chapters i have writers block i guess, i think i can update this weekend because tomorrow is my last day of school before break :D

i might start a new story?? maybe tonight idk, i just want to write something, i don't really have anything better to do, so ya, i'm thinking a louis or liam one or something idk, i have a lot of different plots i want to use but i don' think i'm that great of writer, people seem to be liking this story so far, so i'm gunna keep writing i just need some time to think of a new chapter

so thank you if you read all this i might update tomorrow or friday so yaa okay thank you to those of you who commented and stuff and thank you to the few people who have read this and favorite it, okay i love you so much


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