The Trip

Isabelle and her best friend, Amy take a trip to Vancouver, for their favourite band One Directions last concert, but have lots of trouble getting there. Isabelle falls in love ..


1. The Start

My alarm went off with a loud buzz. I rolled over to turn if off, when I remembered Today was the day! I shook my best friend Amy out of bed, she rolled effortlessly off the bed onto the floor. She stood up with a jump, her red hair like a lions main flopping every which way. She was thin and the sweetest person I had ever met. We had been friends since pre-school. Amy tossed her hair into a bun, had a sip of tea I had made moments earlier, and ran to the computer. We both sat at the ends of our seats to excited to move. She quickly opened the computer to a Louis Tomlinson background. We were both 16, boy bands were our life. Amy opened to the ticket page and we purchased our tickets! Row: 25 Seat: 10, 11. We were both so excited for our first concert. Jumping and screaming we were running downstairs to wake up my mother (she might have already been awake from our noisy sleepover). I told my mom that we had gotten our tickets, and how she would have to stop at all these cool cafés where the band likes to hang out, when she drove us down. Yes, I said it, my mother would be coming with us. Embarrassing right? I went to go pack, even though it was a month away, when I noticed how dreadful I looked. My blonde hair was tangled and everywhere, compared to Amy's morning look, I looked like a zombie who got hit by a bus. Eyeliner smudged, and my not so attractive bunny slippers on. Once I looked not so dis functional I went and ate breakfast downstairs, Amy had already dug in to the pancakes my mom was cooking. I sat down next to where my mothers coffee was, then she sat down. She told us that she couldn't drive us down to the coast, because her boss called and said that she had a big meeting to go to. Considering we lived in a small ski town this was surprising. We were freaking out, not knowing weather we could go or not almost killed us!

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