The Trip

Isabelle and her best friend, Amy take a trip to Vancouver, for their favourite band One Directions last concert, but have lots of trouble getting there. Isabelle falls in love ..


2. The decision

My mother had just told us that she couldn't drive us to Vancouver for the concert. We were devastated. She must have seen it in our eyes because she started making crazy plans for us to get down there, with crazy relatives, fly, bus rides.... I shouted out " WE COULD TAKE THE BUS THERE!!" She said she was just kidding, with a worried tone in her voice. Amy said she thought it was a great idea. My mother said she would talk with Amy's parents, right away she called, she walked away before we could ease drop on the conversation. Amy looked nervous. I've never seen her this nervous before. We knew it would take a while for them to decide, so we went upstairs to my room. I had finished packing in hope we could go. We talked about how fun it would be to go, and how independent we would be, when we heard my mother coming up the steps. We ran to the door in hope of good news. She came into my room and say on my bed which was covered in Doritos..... She looked grossed out and cleared her throat and said " you two may go on the trip, on a bus by your selves." We jumped up, grabbed each other and started screaming with joy.

~Three Days Before The Concert~

We were at the bus stop waiting, on the curb with our suitcases full of clothes and makeup. Our two mothers sitting in the warm cars behind us. In order to get to the coast In time for the concert we would stop 38 times on the bus, once in each town and switch busses once. The bus pulled up, I looked back my mother she was waving and I think crying but it was too dark to see. 5:30 the bus picked us up, we found empty seats together and fell asleep. Almost no one was on the bus when we fell asleep.

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