The Trip

Isabelle and her best friend, Amy take a trip to Vancouver, for their favourite band One Directions last concert, but have lots of trouble getting there. Isabelle falls in love ..


3. The Bus

I woke up with Amy poking my face, telling me to switch seats so she wouldn't have to sit by some fat guy. I moved over sleepily and dazed, it must have been around noon already. Amy looked annoyed so I decided to wake up. I asked her what was the matter? She just pointed to the fat guy, she said "he was drooling and snoring all bus ride." She hadn't slept at all you could see it in her pissed off expression. I found that hilarious, so I broke out laughing and everyone heard me.... We stopped at a gas station for a couple minutes to stretch and walk around, and to switch buses. The line for the bathroom was so long it came out the other end of the store. We waited, and waited. Finally we got in! We put our bags outside the stalls, and by the time we were finished someone had stolen my suitcase. I don't know why they didn't steal Amy's , hers was bright blue and expensive and mine looked like crap. I was glad my purse was with me, it had my baby lips! And money... After I got over the fact all of my clothes were gone we went out side to wait for the bus, I looked at my phone and realized the line was so long that we missed the bus. Amy was freaking out and pacing like she always did when she over thought something. In the back of the parking lot we saw a bus! We jogged over there Hoping it was ours. We got to the bus and the doors opened and an old guy asked if we were lost or not. We told him what happened and then he asked us if we wanted a ride or not. Amy said "yes!" Spontaneously. It wasn't very responsible of us but we are teens. I hoped on the bus too and sat sown in a big comfy chair and realized this was a rv. It was their tour bus.. One Directions ... Tour bus I thought I was going to have a heart attack! They were all on the couch giving us weird looks. Then Louis jumped up and said hello, then he flopped down next to me, and asked me my name. We told them what had happened, meanwhile Niall opened the fridge and started munching on some chips. After we were comfortable in the bus, Harry asked "do you guys want to watch a movie?" But before we could reply he hit play.That night we didn't sleep at all we were to focused on the sleeping band members, all around us.

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