Never Knew

Cassidy's Pov
I never knew i could love someone so much or that anyone could cause me so much pain when i'm not with them.Or that my heart could ache so much when he talks to another person.I always thought love was only a myth that was passed down from generation to generation.But now i know love is waiting for everyone.
Justin's pov
I thought everyone would use me.My money.My fame.Cassidy's different.She doesnt want anything from me.Only my love.I can't lose her.I can't stand to think that someone else will call her their's.Everytime she talks to someone else i want to punch them in the face.Seeing her smile to another guy's joke or blush makes my heart ache and my head hurt.I want her to be mine forever.


6. Reaching out

                                      Justin's Pov

     ''Justin,please come out.''My mom urged.I sat still in my bed,saying nothing.''Justin,please unlock the door and come eat,you cant starve yourself!''My mom yelled banging on my door.''It's been 3 days!''I sighed brushing off the tears on my face and getting up.''No.I won't come out until i have Cassidy!'' ''Justin,i give up.If Scooter can't get you out and i can't get you out,i give up.''I heard her walk away but her steps were replaced by smaller ones.''Justin?"i heard my sister ask.''Yes?"i asked through the door.''Please come out,i made you a cake in my easy bake.''I smiled at her cute little voice.''I'll slide it through the door,Justy.''She said.Sure enough a little chocolate cake was being slid through the door.Her little fingers slipped out and she walked away.Looking at the little burnt cake i suddenly to get hungry.I grabbed the cake and started to eat.

                                      Justin's mom's pov

       I need to get Justin out of his room so i called Cassidy and told her to come over and  help.IT'S IF CASSIDY HE WANTS ITS CASSIDY HE GETS!

                    'DING DONG!'The door rattled.''Coming.''I yelled running to the door.''Hi Ms.Mallette!''She said waving.''Come in,please.''I shut the door and showed her Justin's door.''He's in here?"She whispered.I stepped back and gave her her space.

                                          Cassidy's pov

When i heard about Justin's depression i quickly felt sorry.So when Pattie called me,i had to come.''Justin?"I asked.''Go away.''His voice was muffled by tears.Oh my god!I made him cry and starve himself,i'm such a bad person!''It's me justin.''I said trying to get him to open the door.''CASSIDY??''He asked.''It's me.''The door flew open and i was quickly engolfed in a hug.''Don't ever leave me!''He yell-whispered.''I love you too much!''When he said that i wanted to marry him right there,right now.He dragged me to his bed and we layed there cuddling.I looked in his teary eyes.''I love you..''He smiled.''I love you too..''.He stared in my eyes a few seconds more then kissed me.We stayed there for a long time,kissing.And cuddling.I love him and i never want to leave him again,i can't even stay mad at him.He's so lovable!I want to stay with him forever.So,this is what love feels like....


Did you like it?Did you really?Please leave comments and <3.I love you all!and i LOVE JUSTIN!THANKS COMMENT PLEASE AND FAVORITE!


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