Never Knew

Cassidy's Pov
I never knew i could love someone so much or that anyone could cause me so much pain when i'm not with them.Or that my heart could ache so much when he talks to another person.I always thought love was only a myth that was passed down from generation to generation.But now i know love is waiting for everyone.
Justin's pov
I thought everyone would use me.My money.My fame.Cassidy's different.She doesnt want anything from me.Only my love.I can't lose her.I can't stand to think that someone else will call her their's.Everytime she talks to someone else i want to punch them in the face.Seeing her smile to another guy's joke or blush makes my heart ache and my head hurt.I want her to be mine forever.


4. never thought i'd feel this way

                                                     Cassidy's pov

Grabbing two sodas from the machine,i walked back to Justin who was currently signing autographs.''I'm back.''He smiled at me then turned his attention back to the crying girls.''bye.''He said with his charming smile.''BYE JUSTIN!!"They screamed then chattered about him among themselfs.''thanks.''he said taking his Dr.Pepper and walking beside me.''so,have you ever wondered about your past?''he raised his brow.''What do you mean?''Looking down at the floor i decided to ask him about his ex love.''i mean..Selena.Have you ever wondered what you would be doing if you were still with her?'' ''No not really.But i guess that i'd be with her,still under her spell.And i guess she'd be lying to people that she loves me.''i frowned and brushed my hair behind my ear.''I'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you.''he pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead.''You didn't,as long as i have you,i'm fine.''I smiled,he always knows what to say.

              After leaving the mall we went to a cafe.We got our drinks and found a seat near the door.''So have you ever been to Canada?"i shook my head and took a sip of my coffee.''I should take you some time it's really-''He cut off and stared at the door.''Justin?"I asked waving my hands in front of his face.''Forgive me.''He said getting up and going to the front door.Watching him walk away,i noticed a familiar face.Then it hit me.It was Selena!

                            Selena's pov

Entering the door of Toastee's coffee shop i saw Justin with a girl drinking coffee and talking.I was going to go over there and rip out her eyes!But,Justin saw me and headed my way.''Hi Justin!"I said in my sweetest voice.Thats when i noticed his rag doll watching so i went in for a hug and mouthed to her 'he's mine'.She turned around and grabbbed her coffee.Sniffling she pushed past us and left.Justin tryed to chase her but i stopped him.''Let her leave,i'm just so happy to see you again!''Pulling him in for another hug,i smelt his cologne,he smells so good!I pulled away but he held on.''I missed you Sel.'' ''I missed you too.''I whispered into his ear.We pulled away,staring each other in the eyes,he leaned in.Plump lips puckered,eyes closed.I smiled and pressed my lips to his.


SORRY I DIDN'T WRITE  FOR  SOOOOOOOOOOO LONG!I was busy i had homework but i was busy with homework and junk but um yea its here and theres tons of drama to come so read on!

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