Spirit: Melanie's Story

Melanie Davidson. Boring, average and just straight up didn't fit in anywhere. At least that's what she thought. After getting a couple friends and a perfect new boyfriend, the unthinkable happens, sending her to a world full of monsters and spirit that seems to ruin her life. Yet she continues on, ready to conquer the unimaginable, leaving everyone else speechless.
Join Melanie on an exciting adventure containing monsters, romance, adventure, and violence. Each chapter will leave you yearning for more, Spirit.


1. Prologue



"Dr. did you find out what's wrong?" Queen Cheryl asked. Her faces full of concern. Sweat rolled down her short pale forehead, brown eyes bloodshot from stress and anticipation. Dr. Cole sighed. His face showed nothing but concern, stress and fear. Fear For the king, for the queen, and fear for the kingdom. Dr. Cole's fluffy eyebrows furrowed. He knew exactly what was wrong with the king. The queen wouldn't like it.

Cole wasn't talking but Cheryl could tell he knew something. Anger flushed over her face. "Tell me what's wrong with my Robert!" She yelled. Her hair whipped around her as if the tornado of anger consumed her, and only her. The doctor sighed, he had to give in.

"Well ma'am" Cole cleared his throat. "I mean your highness. He has something that isn't common. But you are the person I think you are and you know our culture is history." The queen cracked the sob. Cole continued, "you probably already have a good idea of what's happening." He looked at the Queen as tears formed in her eyes.

"No, it can't be him." She said frantically. "Not him, please not him."

"Yes, he is dissolving." Dr. Cole said. The queen broke, she stared started to cry uncontrollably. After what seemed like forever the sobs slowed. Cole cleared his throat to get her attention. Snapping out of it, her head jerked up.

"He wants to see you." Cole said. Cheryl got up and slowly but surely got to the door. She stopped, hand halfway to the doorknob. Her fragile, bony hand was trembling. She clenched her fist, and opened the door.

"Robert?" She questioned, stepping in the plain hospital room. Tears running down her face uncontrollably. Her eyes wandered the room then, focused on him. Silently whimpering, she ran over and hugged him tight.

"Hey, honeybunch!" The king said. There was a smile on his face. Despite what was happening, his green eyes still shined with hope and happiness. "Get me out of this bed, we got stuff to do."

"Shouldn't you stay in bed?" She almost yelled.

"Honey my toe dissolved, not a leg. I'm fine. I refuse to let this make me a useless lard." He chuckled and got out of bed "come on Cheryl."

A mix of confusion and anger take over her face. "Doctor?!?" She looked at cool desperately.

"I'm sorry Cheryl" Cole said "he is right. It's not going to hurt anything and we can't stop him."

The king walked towards the door then turned around. "Well are you coming or not?"

*  *  *  *  *

They got back to the castle and went to the terrace that overlooks the kingdom. The king pulled a rope and the bells began to ring. These bells alerted the citizens that there was an announcement. They came out of their houses confused. The bells only rang on holidays or emergencies.

After everyone was there, the king called attention. Everyone quieted down

"Hello everyone, you may be wondering why I called you all here." Everyone stared him down anxious. "We have discovered who will dissolve this year." He paused. Some people looked scared, shocked, and emotional. None of them were prepared for this. "It's me."


Gasps rippled throughout the crowd. The king frowned at their reaction. "Now it's true that I won't be here at this time next year but, I feel I can't leave this place in the condition that it is in now. To fix this, I am declaring a mission recovery. From here on out, EVERYONE will go on the journey."

The crowd murmured in disbelief. There had always been talk of the mission recovery, but it never actually happened.

The doors slammed behind the king. The king turned around to see his brown haired nephew, sweaty and panting. The boy was clenching his fists with rage. "Why didn't you tell me!?!" He yelled.

"Oh, hello Chris. I didn't think it was necessary." The king said calmly. "This should be good for you anyway. Unless mission recovery fails, you'll be king."

The queens John dropped. Chris's eye brows furrowed. "Are you saying that you-" the King cut him off.

"Yes," he smiled "there is someone out there.”

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