The Daughter of Niall Horan

How the life of being the daughter of Niall Horan's life turns out.... Poor Frankie is always shit on if she does supposedly wrong. because of her father massive popularity of fans if she tweets a tweet and a fan thinks it's wrong, there's a big war.


6. New

I help my dad carry the boxes from the truck into the house. My boxes go in my room, my dad's boxes go in his room and the rest go in the den. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 toilet rooms. By the time everything's set up its 20:22. My dad stays sat in the den drinking beers with his mates while I go to my room. I dress my bed and unpack the things for my new desk. I pull out a ton of makeup and perfume and place it neatly on the desk. The best thing I pull out is the notebook I wrote my mums letter in....




On our way home my fingers are crossed that she's home. Once we pulled in the driveway I seen her car still say in the same exact spot. Yes! We walk inside and my dad sits in the den and talks with her. I sneakily walk down the hall and into their room. I slip the letter in her suitcase and hurry out. I walk into my room and lay on my bed. I turn to the side and open my bedside drawer. I pull out a spliff. I lock my door and open a window. I put it between my lips and gave it a lite.




I throw the notebook out in the trash bin in the kitchen and walk back to my room. I shut the door and lay on my bed. New house, new start, new look, new college, new friends. New me. I cover myself with the duvet and drift to sleep. I toss and turn when I feel a kiss upon my forehead. "I love you." My dad says and quietly walks back out. I hear the door shut. I try to get comfortable again, and I fall asleep in no time.



    When I wake up, everything still feels so weird. I almost forgot where I was until, I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. My mum didn't even try putting up a fight to keep me with her. What a fucking bitch. I go out to the kitchen and I find something to eat. "Would you like eggs and sausage?" I ask my dad and Uncle Harry as there eyes are glued to the Telly.

"Sure." My dad smiles quickly at me than goes back to watching football.  

"That be nice thanks." My Uncle Harry says.  "Do you want help?" He asks.  

"No thank you." I smile and take out a cooking pan.  When everything is done I put it on plates and serve.  I hand a plate to my dad and Harry.  I make myself a plate and sit on the couch next to Harry.  




                                                                         * * * * * * * * 

         In one week I start college.  I put my robe on and I walked down the hall and knocked on my dads door.  "Come in." He calls and I open the door.  "Good morning Frankie."

"Morning dad.  College starts in a week and I was wondering if maybe we could do a bit of shopping?"  I ask sitting on his bed.  

"Sure.  Maybe we can go tomorrow.  Today we're going to see the rest of your Uncles."

"Oh yea.  Sounds good.  Thanks." I smile.  I walk out of his room and back into mine.  I turn on the shower and get in.  When I got out of the shower I got dressed and checked my mobile. I had a missed call from Jordan.  I click the ring back button and put it to my ear.  

"Frankie, how are you?" He answers.

"Hi Jordan.  I'm good thanks.  How are you?"    

"I'm good. It's nice to hear your voice.  I miss you."

"Yea."  I say and I hear my dad call for me.  "I have to go.  Bye."

"Oh, b-" I hang up.  I leave my room and my dad tells me it's time to go.  When we get in the car my dads mobile rings.  

"Hello.  I'm good, how are you?  Yes.  Sure.  When?  So soon! Gosh.  Yea.  Okay i'll ask her.  Alright.  Bye mate." 

"Ask who what?"

"Well nosy. We have to do a gig in Madrid on Thursday a gig in Amsterdam on Saturday and I would like you to come. What do ya say?" My face lite's up.

"Uh yea!"

"Okay. So when we get home just pack and be ready. We're leaving on Wednesday."

"It's really short notice."

"I know that's just how it is though." He says pulling into the driveway. I get out of the car and fiddle the handle on the door. It's locked. I knock on the door and a very pretty Aunt Perrie answers.

"Aunt Perrie!!" I hug her tight.

"Hi Frankie." Me and my dad walk inside. "How are you?"

"I'm good thanks. How are you?"

"I'm good. I've missed you."

"Me too." Perrie and Zayn have been engaged since 2 years after I was born. The wedding's finally this year sometime. "Have you gotten any plans for tomorrow?" I ask.

"Not a thing."

"Well you don't have to but if you would, wanna go shopping with me for college?"

"Of course. I'll pick you up around...How's twelve o'clock?"

"Perfect. I'll just let my dad know. Thanks."

"Sure thing babe." I walk into the den and see my Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Sophia.

"Are we having a party here today or something?!" I ask as I excitedly hug them.


We all sit and catch up for what feels like forever but it's only been an hour. "So your birthday's coming up.. Have anything planned?" Eleanor asked.

"Wow I totally forgot." I laugh. "I guess not. I mean I'm only turning 17."

"What do you want for your birthday? Anything." My dad asks.

"Nothing specific." I shrug. "I'd like my own car. I hate using everyone else's."

"Let's do something for your birthday!" Sophia says.

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Maybe a nice party or dinner or I don't know something."

"That sounds nice. Maybe both?" I suggest.

"There ya go. Let me know when you think of something."

"Okay." I smile.






I hear a car horn and I go outside. Perrie and I are headed to the shops. First we get lunch then we go shopping. I grab all kinds of sweaters and trousers and t-shirts, bras and knickers. I chose out to special outfits for the 1D gigs. I picked out multiple pairs of shoes then we went and got a bag and some supplies like pens and pencils, exedra. When I got home I asked my dad. "Hey daddy. What time will we be leaving tomorrow?"

"We'll leave at nine so you and I can have the day tomorrow."'

"Okay." I smile. I bring my bags into my room and put my clothes away adding the two outfits to my suitcase. For dinner me, dad, and Uncle Harry went to Nando's. One of my dad's favourite places for a long time he says.

"Are you excited for college?" Harry asks.

"Yea. But I'm also a bit nervous. I know you guys' fans will be around an-"

"Don't worry about it love. You're a very smart girl."

"Thanks Uncle Harry." We take our food to a table. I take a picture of my food than a picture with dad and Harry. I put them together and post it on Instagram. 'Nando's with dad and Uncle Harry.' Once it posted I started to eat.





After my shower I set my alarm for six and went to bed. I awoke and silenced my loud alarm. I get dressed and do my hair. When I walk out of my room it's six thirty. No ones up. I Put on the kettle and wait for the water to heat. Before the kettle screamed I turned it off and made a nice cup of tea. I go out on the front porch and watch the sky get lighter and lighter. By the time I came in it was seven. My dad walked out all ready. He knocked on Harry's door and opened it. He slaps Harry in the face. "Get up Harry you're gonna make us late." I laugh. He's slams the door shut. "Where's your bag. I'll bring it to the car?" I point to my room.




We get to the London airport just in time. We move through the crowd of fans and get on our flight meeting with the rest of my uncles. Once we get seated. I plug in my headphones and zone out the rest of the 2 hour flight.

It's like people knew we were to arrive here. Groups of fans swarm around us as security pushes them away. My dad grabbed my hand pulling me through the mess. We finally make it to the truck and the driver drives us to the hotel. It's a very grand hotel. Big chandelier when you walk in. A big vase of flowers in the center of the lobby. A small group of Fans run into the hotel begging for pictures and autographs. My dad and Uncles sign and take pictures than we go to our rooms. It's twelve o'clock and we get settled in our room. My dad and I share a room while my Uncles choose their mates. "Ready to go explore Madrid? This is one of my favourites!"


The town was beautiful. We went to a couple shops and I got a few things. Then we went to get a bite. There were fans every where.




There's two hours until the gig. I put on my one direction t-shirt and high wasted shorts. I walk out of the bathroom, "Ready daddy!" He turns and smiles.

"Thank you love for the support. You don't know how much it means to me." He hugs me tight. "I love you."

"Love you to." We meet with the rest of the boys in the hotel lobby. My dad grabs my hand before Paul escorts us to the car.

Once we got to the stadium. My dad and the boys began rehearsing while my Aunts and I stood front row. I turned to look at the huge empty stadium, hearing the echoing voices of my dad and Harry.  The stadium is massive.  The fact that this is going to be filled is truly unbelievable.  Just as I almost let my thoughts take over, I turn to see this boy.  He's making his way over.  Blonde quiffed hair, the brightest blue eyes, a red flannel and black ripped skinny jeans.  I smile to myself and lick my lips.  

"Staring is rude ya know?" Eleanor laughs just as perfection meets my eyes.  He stands in front of me along with three other mates I seldom noticed.  "Hello Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael.  How are you boys tonight?"  Eleanor talks asks and I just want to know which is which.  

"We're good.  Pretty stoked for the show tonight."  A boy with curly hair speaks for them.  

"Wait, you guys are opening up for them?" I ask.  

"Yes.  We are."  The boy with the quiffed hair speaks, directly in front of me.  Limited space between us.  "Is that okay?" He smiles widely.  

My face heats.  "Ye-Yea.  You just look young, is all.  I'm sorry."  I look at my feet.  

"Don't apologize."  He smirks.  "I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings."  He holds out his hand.  

"I'm Frankie Horan."

"You're Niall's daughter?!" He asks surprised.  "It's nice to finally meet you!"

"Yea.  Thanks I guess."  

"You don't seem to happy about me saying that?"

"Well it's just I'm nothing special.  And when people hear i'm Niall's daughter I'm a big deal."  

"I'm sure you're special." He smiles.  "You're beautiful.  That's one thing." I blush looking him in the eyes.

"Thank you Luke."  

"Maybe after the show we can hang out?"  He asks.  "I'd like to get to know you." 

"Maybe." I wink.  I take my attention off of Luke and officially meet the rest of the boys, making small talk with each of them before they got called away.  My aunt Sophia nudges my arm,

"Luke huh?" 

I try to hold in my smile.  "What about him?" 

"You seem to find quite some interest in him?"

"No he's just nice.  And he wanted to talk to me. Not the other way around.  I mean he's cute but, yea.." I feel my face heat, again.

"Ooo.  Why so defensive sweetie?"  She teases. 

"Aunt Sophia!"

She holds her hands up.  "Sorry love. Sorry."  The stadium fills up shortly as the concert grows closer.  People behind me ask for pictures and autographs, who knows why? 






  The arena goes dark and the stage lights up revealing the four boys.  Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Luke.  In a band  called 5 Seconds Of Summer. I start dancing and jumping around.  Enjoying the show.  I make eye contact with Luke with the biggest smile plastered on my face.  I was having such a good time I couldn't help but smile.  Luke smirked at me trying to hold in a laugh while he sang.  


  Just before they walked off the stage Luke winked at me and met up with the rest of the boys as they waved goodbye.  My heart flutters as the crowd screams.  Eleanor grabs my arm and my aunts and I walk backstage.  When we get to the back, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS, are sitting with One Direction.  Eleanor sits by Louis, Perrie by Zayn, Sophia by Liam and I just stand there.  Luke stands up, "Would you like to sit?" He asks. 

"No, no it's fine." I smile.  "Thank you."

"Are you sure? Come on."  I smile and take his offer.  

"You guys were really good!" I say looking at each of them.  "I really like your music.  I'm going to have to pick up an album!"  I say.

"Oh man we suck!" Calum laughs. 

"Yea Frankie, we're horrible." Michael says.  

"Oh stop."  I say seriously.  "You guys are good! I'm not just saying that to make you feel good."  

"Yea she'll tell you the truth."  My dad says slightly laughing.

"Shut up dad."  I squint at him.  We talked for at least 15 minutes before we had to go back out to the crowd.  One Direction will be performing soon.  I take pictures with the few girls standing in the front row.  Feeling bad for not being able to get pictures with all of them.  Multiple girls screaming for my attention as i'm trying to say hello to each of them.  Few girls asking me about my melt down just a few weeks ago.  I ignore the comments and the questions about that, trying not to let myself get back into that state of mind.  The sadness, helplessness.  The need to feel loved and in need of friends and....I need to stop.  I think of my mother who left me.  Who never cared.  The letter I wrote her wondering if she actually read it.  I feel my eyes fill with tears not wanting to let one fall.  Just as I let my thoughts get the best of me, tears falling continuously from my eyes, my dad and four uncles appear on the stage.  I quickly wipe my eyes hoping he hasn't seen.  I just want to make him happy.  I just ignore myself and begin to dance and sing and look like i'm having a good time when deep down i'm slowly breaking down the past.  holding back my tears.  This is going to be a long night.  



  Half way through and I just want a beer.  I want to sit and think.  I want to call my mum.  I want her to love me.  I want her attention.  I want my mum.  I never had a mother and I want her now.  I need her.  I stop dancing and singing and I cry.  I can't stop myself.  I walk towards backstage and I go to where we all were before.  I sit on the couch and cover my face letting the tears form a puddle in my hands.  I feel a hand rubbing up and down on my back.  "Hey kiddo, what's wrong?"  Sophia asks.

I uncover my face.  " I want my mum Aunt Sophia, I don't know why. I feel I need her.  I want to talk to her, and tell her how i'm doing.  Tell her my mistakes so she can help me fix them.  I will never have that.  I don't know why in the hell i'm thinking about this now... But, I just feel like shit.  Thinking about how much I've put my amazing dad through.  He's dealt with all of my shit.  Some fans mentioned my meltdown a couple weeks ago and It lead me to this."  She hugs me tightly and I sob into her shoulder.  I pull away, "I'm just a mistake."  

"Don't you talk like that!"  She shouts bit.  "You're not a mistake.  You are a blessing Frankie.  I don't know what all of our lives would be like with out you."

"They'd be better." 

"Sweetie, no they wouldn't. Do you know how happy you make us?!"  I just shrug my shoulders.  "You don't even know.  Especially your father, he loves you.  You're his everything and he wouldn't trade you for the world."  I smile.  "If you'd like, we can finish the show from back here?"  Just as she said that Luke walked in, rushing over.

"Are you okay?!" He asks wiping my tears with his thumb, he kneels, so close to my face.  

"Yea.  I'm okay."  I smile.  He hugs me tightly.  "Thank you."  He nods.  "We can go back out Aunt Sophia."  She stands up.

"Mind if I join?" Luke asks.  

"Come on!" Sophia smiles.  We walk back out and watch the show.  My dad smiles down at me.  I smile back.  Luke puts his arm around my shoulder as we dance, swaying left to right. 

"Ya know," I look up at him.  "You look like your dad."  he smiles,lip ring popping.  "Beautiful eyes."

"You're such a flirt!" I laugh.  

"I can't help it, being in the presence of such a beautiful girl."  He smiles a cheeky grin.

"Luke."  I say turning my attention back to the stage.  Trying to ignore my flushed cheeks.  

"Why are you blushing Frankie?"  He asks.

"It's just a bit warm in hear.  I'm not blushing."  I laugh watching Louis run around on stage.  Liam shooting a kiss at Sophia.  Zayn singing his high note.  Harry dancing around.  And my dad.  Watching me and Luke as we move in sync back and fourth.   He takes his eyes off of us and looks out at the stadium.  After the last song, they say there goodbyes and we head back stage, again.  I hug my dad and Uncles.  "You guys did great!  I had such a good time."  I smile.  "Thank you for bringing me dad."  

"Of course love.  Anytime."  Luke still close beside me I ask,

"Dad, mind if Luke and I go out a bit?  Take a stroll through Madrid?"  My dad looks at me then Luke, than me again.

"Sure.  Be safe okay?"  He looks at Luke, "Don't you let anything happen to my little girl."

"Dad..."  He hugs me and we leave.  



  "So what do you wanna do first beautiful?"  Luke asks once we hit the town streets.  I just shake my head.  

"You are something else Luke Hemmings." 

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