The Daughter of Niall Horan

How the life of being the daughter of Niall Horan's life turns out.... Poor Frankie is always shit on if she does supposedly wrong. because of her father massive popularity of fans if she tweets a tweet and a fan thinks it's wrong, there's a big war.


1. Let's Just Forget the World...


"Frankie love don't cry,  i'll be back."  My father says hugging me right before leaving for the plane.  "Call me whenever you need.  I may not answer right away but a call will always be returned.  I love you Frankie."  He hugs me and smiles.  A tear falls from my eye as his back is turned to me.  


"Call me when you're off your flight!" My mother yells sniffling.  Always about her and him.  She never pays me mind.  I was a young mistake made by the 2 of them.  And my dad, Mr. Niall Horan still is keeping up with his music career with One Direction.  16, my dad still calls me his little girl.  16, and my mum calls me a selfish bitch.  She always tells me that i'm to conceded because I take selfies and because I dress like a girly girl and I do my hair.  Just like any other normal girl would. I walk away to got to the car with my head down.  I sit in the car and put my headphones in.  I listen to my music as tears pour from my eyes.



The bell rings and I jump a bit frightened because I zoned out.  And it just happens to be the beginning of summer break and the day my dad should be coming home.  I'm really looking forward to seeing him.  When he goes away everything is shit.  I have the worst relationship with my mum.  If that's even what you consider what we have.  I walk home and once I arrive I quickly open the front door.  I see my mum in the kitchen.  "Wheres dad!?"  I smile.


"Honey, his tour has been extended for 3 more days."  My mouth forms an 'O'.


"And how long have you known this?"  


"He called me about a week ago.  I forgot to tell you.  But maybe if you kept in contact with him more you wouldn't need to rely on someone else for news!"


"Well mum it's not my fault that you always fucking hog him and you don't want me knowing shit!" 


"Hey you watch it!" 


"Piss off mum!"  I yell dropping my shit on the floor and walking out my house.  Once I reached the bench closest to the bus stop I called Jolene.  


"Hello!?"  She says.


"Hey Jojo can I come over?"  


"Sure I don't give a fuck."  We hang up the phone and I began walking to her house.  And of course, being Niall Horan's daughter, paparazzi and fans swarmed me. Once I got there, she invited me in and we went up to her room.  "What's wrong babe?!" She asks.  


"Well my fucking dad was supposed to be home which he's not.  And of course I got into a fight with my mum."


"Hey... Right now, this very moment... Fuck the world and let's get fucked."  I pull a devilish smirk and she grabs a bottle of Smirnoff and Spliff.  I lite my spliff and take a drag.  The smoke inhales into my lungs and then I blow it out.  After the whole spliff is gone I take the Smirnoff and begin to chug.  "Frankieee! Save some for me." She laughs.  I put the now half empty bottle down and I lay down on her bed.  


"Thanks Jo."  I smile and I fall asleep.  I fall asleep in a fantasy.  No worries.  No drama.  No bitches.  No problems.  I feel someone shaking me.  




"Yea mate?"  I yawn.


"It's late! Let's go to a party.  I have something you can wear."  I get up and begin undressing.  I put on, fishnet stockings with a short black dress.  


"Let's go get pissed!"  Before we walk out I peek to see if there's anymore pap....  Nothing.  We walk out and make our way to the party. 


The lights are flashing bright and the music is blaring.  We walk in a immediately being dancing.  I see Jordan and he pulls me over to dance with him.  He twirls me around and I grind on him.  He wraps his arms around me.  He moves us off the dance floor and brings me to the bar.  "Let me buy you a drink." He winks.  


"Sure." I smile with a soft blush and heating of the face.   He orders us both Vodka.  I take out a lighter and spliff.  I put it in between my lips and light it.


"You're beautiful you know."  Jordan says with his bright smile.  


"Thank you."  I say as the smoke pours from my mouth.  He puts his hand on my thigh.  I take his hand and put it down.  "Haha." I laugh.  "Listen Jordan, I'm not that easy.  Even when I'm piss faced and drugged up,  I'm not easy."  I throw him a smirk and take a sip of my Vodka.  


"Hey now.  Don't get the wrong idea I wasn't trying to make a move."  


"Mhmm I don't need your cover ups Jordan." I giggle.  After I finish my Vodka and spliff I was ready to be done for the night.  "Cheers." I get up and kiss his cheek.  I walk away and find Jo.  


  Once we get out of the car to go back into her house pap. are flashing there cameras at us and I know that my dad will definitely see this.  


  Oh well.  Screw it.

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