Where are you?

Taylor Rose had been in foster care for almost seven years. Her mother was dead and she had never met her father. What happens when her father is found? Will he let her in, or will she been on the streets again?


4. Chapter 4

Lucus's POV


I grabbed Taylor's hand, feeling sparks running up and down my arm. Her light blue eyes looked deep into mine making me feel like she could see my soul. I knew from the second I opened the door that she was special. She had make my heart break fast everytime she looked my way. The hug was just amazing! I don't think I have ever felt so close to someone. Even though I just met her, I feel like I have known her my whole life.

"Come on Lucus." Taylor whispered. "We don't want your dad to be mad at you."

I nodded pulling her down the stairs. Dad and Uncle Niall stood at the bottom. Niall was holding the pack of papers that Taylor had brought. 

"What do you want Dad?" I asked, allowing venom to seep into my voice. 

"Lucus." My dad started. "We just want to talk, come sit on the couch."

Taylor slid passed me, her hand slipping out of my hand. She turned her head down refusing to look my dad or Uncle Niall. I followed her shooting my father a death glance. I sat down next to Taylor, but she scooted away. It felt like my heart cracked. 

"Ok." Niall said slowly. "Taylor, it seems like Mr. Haper didn't tell you."

"What's that?" Taylor said softly.

"It appers that-." Niall stopped, unable to continue.

"Niall." Louis sighed shoving him lightly out of the way. "I'll tell her."

"Tell me what?" Taylor said, this time a little more powerful.

"Taylor." Louis said. "Niall's your father."

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