Where are you?

Taylor Rose had been in foster care for almost seven years. Her mother was dead and she had never met her father. What happens when her father is found? Will he let her in, or will she been on the streets again?


3. Chapter 3

Taylor's POV


"What are you doing here?" The blonde man asked, his blue eyes wide with surprise. 

I shurgged my shoulders anger brewing within me. "Mr. Haper sent me." I held out the pack of papers Mr. Haper had given me. Niall snatched the papers from me, heading up the stairs. I turned to Lucus who was staring at his dad. "What do I do now?"

"You can stay in my room." Lucus said. "I have a pullout couch so you can sleep on that." I shot him a smile grabbing my one suitcase.

"Wait." Lucus's dad said stopping us from going up the stairs. "Why should she stay?"

"Read the papers Uncle Niall has." Lucus said. "They'll explain everything."

Lucus stormed up the stairs leaving me to follow. I look at Lucus's father who had a look of hurt in his eyes. "It was nice to meet you sir."

He looked at me funny. "You can call me Louis." 

"Thanks Louis." I said slowly, before hurrying up the stairs to catch up to Lucus. He was standing at the end of a short hallway, the door was the only one on this end of the hall. A red "keep out" sign was nailed to the door.

"Don't like visitors?" I laughed. Lucus shrugged opening the door. His room was huge! I had a king sized bed in the center, made up neatly. All over the walls were photos, some blown up and other were very small, most were in black and white. 

"These are amazing!" I gasp walking around the room slowly, looking at each picture slowly.

Lucus shoved his hands in his pockets, blushing. "You really think so?"

I nodded, still focusing on the pictures. "Could you teach me sometime?"

"Sure." He smiled, his blue eyes twinkling. "I'd love too."

"Lucus." A voice called from downstairs. "Come down here and bring your friend too."

I let out a huff as I followed Lucus down the stairs, "They could at least bother to learn my name."

Lucus looked back at me smiling. "Your name is Taylor."

I let out a laugh giving him a hug. He immanently hugged me back, his arms were welcoming. I felt like I could stay there all day, my face buried in his chest.

"Lucus." The voice called again. "Come down here now."

I dropped my arms to my side, but Lucus grabbed my hand. "I'm make sure they don't kick you out, I'll watch out for you."

I smiled widely, my first genuine smile in years. "Thank you Lucus." I said as we decended the stairs.

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