Where are you?

Taylor Rose had been in foster care for almost seven years. Her mother was dead and she had never met her father. What happens when her father is found? Will he let her in, or will she been on the streets again?


1. Chapter 1

Taylor's POV


"Hey Tay." I turn to see my foster sister Chloe walking towards me, her green eyes dark with hatred. I coward down trying to hide from what I know is coming. A hard slap flew me backwards. 

"Leave me alone." I growled gathering my books from where they had fallen. 

"Why should I?" Chloe smirked. 

I looked down at my books, then back up at her, her red hair framed her pale face, those green eyes burning into me. I just couldn't deal with her anymore, for the past two months she had been such a bitch to me. I stood up letting my blond hair fall down my back. I shot her a look and walked out of the school. I was done with her, done with her family, done with this life of mine.


~4 months later~

I sat in Mr. Haper desk as he looked through files. "Oh Taylor, what was wrong with this home?" 

"Nothing was wrong." I growled. "Except when you took me off the streets."

"You ran away from the Marshals and disappeared for four months, what do you I was going to do? Leave you wandering the streets alone?" He said not lifting his eyes from the files.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Ah, here we go." Mr. Haper said, pulling out a stack of papers. "This will be your new foster home. Don't screw this one up Taylor."

I let out a sharp laugh. "No promises Mr. Haper."

He walked me out to his black BMW. "I'll drive you there, but the rest is up to you, ok?" 

I nodded poping in my earphones trying blocking out all the sounds around me. The city of London passed by as the skyscrapers faded to smaller neighboorhood settings.

"Who lives out here anywhere?" I asked as he pulled up to a large house, easily the biggest one around.

"Your new family." Mr. Haper said opening the passenger side door.

"Don't you mean foster family?" I laughed as he walked me up to the door. 

"No." He smiled. "Your family."

Mr. Haper turned around walking back to his car. "Be good Taylor."

I watched him drive away turning back to the door, knocking softly. I waited a couple seconds before knocking again, this time harder.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." The door opened to reveal a boy about my age, his hair was a mop of brown and light highlights. His dark red t-shirt rumpled, but in a cute way. He looked up, his blue eyes flashing with hints green and brown. "Who are you?"

"I'm Taylor Rose and i'm here to see-" I paused to look at the papers Mr. Harper had given me. "Niall, Niall Horan."

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