Shes Our Baby.... Baby Styles

Im Nicki and i was dating Harry when i was around 15, he took my verginity and well i never saw him again.. Well now im prego and my baby is my life... I don't know why but something tells me I will see him again..... I hope not!
Read on if you can


5. How could he!

As me and Darcy entered the hallway to go to the studio there was 2 bodyguards that did not let me get through "I'm here to see Harry styles, he called me and told me to meet him inside the studio! I can call him if you want?" The bodyguards still did not care and blocked my way. 5 seconds later I saw Louis look at me and telling me to follow him but I told him the bodyguards would not let me pass so Louis told them it's ok I'm Harry's guest. When I walked inside I saw all of the lads staring at but Harry quickly grabbed me and told Liam and Zayn to take care of Darcy, when Harry took me he told me I had 10 min before they recorded their new album that's coming out so... I told him "Harry, I know I sound crazy and you won't believe me but... When I was 15 and you were 16 remember how you had sex with me?" Harry smirked and said "Yes I remember everything from that moment" then I just started bursting into tears "Harry that 1 year old girl that you call a cutie pie is... YOUR DAUGHTER DARCY!" Harry looked in shock and did not talk for a few seconds. "Why did you never tell me that we had a daughter Nicole!?" I bursted at him "well you left me when you promised you would be back for me!! What did you expect Harry!!!" Harry looked at me and bursting back "So now you FUCKEN TELL ME THIS SHIT! Now you want help! Get the fuck out of my face and leave my daughter here with me!" I just looked at him "HARRY I'm just going to fucken leave now because my fucken life was happy when I was with her alone! When I saw you at the mall I wanted to sprint my ass out!" Harry pushed me on the couch and went on me "I'm sorry I barked at you baby..."he tried to kiss me so I punched him in the balls and left the room.

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