Shes Our Baby.... Baby Styles

Im Nicki and i was dating Harry when i was around 15, he took my verginity and well i never saw him again.. Well now im prego and my baby is my life... I don't know why but something tells me I will see him again..... I hope not!
Read on if you can


7. Few Years Later...

Darcy is now 5 years old and is in school, she is always by my side and hates seeing me sad, but there is one thing she always asks my about... Her dad. It was almost Father's Day and her class was making something for their fathers, but when I was going to respond I heard the door bell ring and when I got the door Harry was outside with a big card saying _I Love You! please forgive me from the time when our daughter was 1 and be my wife_ I was in shock and Darcy came behind me and then screamed "MOMMY! ITS HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION!" I looked at her then at Harry I let him come inside and I kissed his cheek "Darcy sweetie, your daddy is Harry Styles and your name is Darcy Styles... Your his daughter!" I said full of joy she ran up to Harry and gave him a big hug, Harry looked at her in the eyes and was so happy "Darcy, I love you and your mother soo much! And me and your mommy are getting married in a few weeks!" 

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