Shes Our Baby.... Baby Styles

Im Nicki and i was dating Harry when i was around 15, he took my verginity and well i never saw him again.. Well now im prego and my baby is my life... I don't know why but something tells me I will see him again..... I hope not!
Read on if you can


3. Curly Trouble

When me and Darcy entered the mall we noticed a crowed of people over at the stage where people would go perform for charity, so I took Darcy in her stroller to go see who was performing. I was in shock! It was One Direction... Harry?? Puberty hit him good! Anyways, I saw Harry staring at me so I decided to leave and go to Toys R Us to buy Darcy a few toys. "Excuse me miss... By any chance is your name Nicole Flor?" said a boy with perfect blond hair, "Yes I am.. Why?" I said confidently, he just stared at me in the eyes and a few seconds later we gazed at eachother but then Harry interrupted us and pushed him a side "I'm Niall Horan by the way" he said quickly I just giggled and blushed at him "got it Niall Horan" then Harry took my hand and leaned in closer to me "I thought I would never see you again Nicole..." I was now in REAL shock! How did he remember me?? OMG DARCY was there with me and I saw him looking at her, he whispered in my ear "who is that tiny cutie pie there with you" now what in the world was I suppose to tell him? If I said she was his daughter as well then he would call me crazy. I finally had an idea "Harry, he is my cellphone number and my address call me when u can or visit my home when you can... I don't think I should tell you now, not after what happened when I was turning 16" Harry's mouth dropped and he just stared at me for a moment then moved his mouth to tell me something "I had to do that! Look at me now I'm rich and we now have money to raise a family together!" I just shook my head and left with Darcy, leaving him standing alone looking at me.

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