7272 is a curious 14 year old girl, who finds new information that will change her life. She gets herself and best friend into some serious trouble. Is it all for a good cause, or is it useless?


2. Chapter Two

--7272's POV--

I try to wriggle free from his grasp. He sure does not make it easy.

"Help! Hel-" My plea is cut short by the homeless man's free hand clamping over my mouth. I punch, kick, and even try to bite his grubby hand.

I see him taking a small, slightly used cloth from his pocket.

He replacing the hand over my mouth with the damp cloth. Then it all goes black.

I awake, unaware of my surroundings. I am in a small room with some candles in one corner. It's cold, dim, and damp. The walls seem to be made of cloth and rope. I try to recall how I got here, and why I came. Nothing comes to mind.

A noise calls me back to reality from my thoughts. On the opposite wall of the candles, a small door opens. Soon, a homeless man walks into the room.

"Good morning, young one. How are you feeling?" He says in a sing song voice.

Judging by the cuts, scrapes, and bruises, I must have been pretty beat up. Maybe the homeless guy saw me after some gangbanger beat me, and he saved me and took me here.

"I'm fine, sir." I manage to croak out.

He just looks at my face and says something very odd.

"I know your name." I just laugh.

"I don't have a name. Nobody does!" He has a very serious look on his face. What if everyone has a name!? Our parents just never tell us!

"Can you tell me my name?" I ask. What are you doing 7272? You don't have a name!

"Yes. Your name is Elizabeth Lee Callary." He says proudly, like he won a cake. (A/N Callary is said like calorie)

I have a name! I am Elizabeth Lea Callary! I say in my head. The homeless guy just smiles at me and I return it.

"I am Jason Don Callary, your grandfather." He says hopefully. I am speechless. Wait, I'm related to a hobo?! His name is Jason, be polite 7272. I tell myself.

"Wow. I didn't know I had any family." I say plainly.

My grandfather opened the door.

"Go. We will talk soon." He said. I ran out of the hut and back to my room. That was one busy day.

(A/N Should I write more? Love my readers :3)

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