7272 is a curious 14 year old girl, who finds new information that will change her life. She gets herself and best friend into some serious trouble. Is it all for a good cause, or is it useless?


1. Chapter One

--7272's POV--

"Hey '72! Wait up!" My best friend, 7268 calls from behind me.

I slow just enough for her to catch up.

"You know, you should try out to be the fastest walker in the Realm!" 7268 says.

I should probably tell you a bit about myself.

My name is 7272, well that's my number. We don't have names in Magnem.

I have really long black hair that goes down to my lower back. My eyes are a shining golden colour.

Back to Magnem! I live in a world called Magnem. In this world there are 7 Realms. Each has its specific name. Mine, the 5th Realm, is called Majesta. That's all you need to know for now.

7268 and I walk down the white corridor to get our room. Yes, my best friend and I share a room.

It's plain white with no windows. There are two beds on opposite sides of the room. Very bland.

We each take a seat on our separate beds.

"I wish we could have a mansion just like the one on Silver Mountain." I mumble, quietly.

"Me too, '72." 7268 replies weakly.

Silver Mountain is a huge mountain with a giant house on top. They say that nobody lives there, but I think otherwise.

7268 and I had a busy day today. We went to the learning centre, ran to catch a eco-car, and walked from the mall to our room.

I lie down on my bed and nod off to sleep.

I awake with a start. Hopefully this morning will be good. 7268's bed is empty, signalling she's awake as well.

I slip on a simple white dress that goes down to my knees, it's what I am required to wear everyday. Nobody actually wears shoes in Majesta. This Realm is the cleanest Realm, so there is no need to wear shoes.

I brush my hair and put it into two side ponytails. Usually my hair is obedient, but today it is not cooperating!

"Good morning, 7272!" 7268 breezes into the room. I don't reply, I barely ever talk. I just let out a halfhearted "murmmph"

We head to the dining hall. It's not far away, but we take an Eco-car anyways.

The dining hall gets into view. There are two huge white pillars protruding from a gigantic white dome. On the end of each pillar there are white orbs about the size of a regular sized living room. The orbs are where the rich and important people dine.

The rest of us eat in the dome. The food isn't the best, usually just oatmeal. Unsweetened, plain old oatmeal. That is what they are serving today. I've only eaten an expensive food once, after I stole it.


I was 11, the orange spherical object lay on the ground. I picked it up after seeing many rich people eat this. What do they do again? Oh yeah, they peel off the outer layer. After I got all of the peel off, I split the food into it's many sections. Each section was as tiny as a hummingbird. I plopped one of the sections into my mouth. It was sour, yet so sweet. What is this? That's when a Wrecker came by and took the rest of the food away. It took me to a holding cell.

-------End of Flashback-------

I hate Wreckers. Huge robots that enforce the law. The holding cell wasn't all that nice, it smelled like rotting flesh. Not that I know what that smells like. I have an interesting past.

Back to the dining hall.

"7272, you okay?" 7268 whispered. I nodded my head.

"Just daydreaming, huh? Well you better get eating. The Wreckers are coming by to get rid of stragglers." She says, worriedly.

Wreckers take stragglers away from the dining hall, into the holding cells. Let's just say it's not pleasant...

7268 and I walk out of the dome, entering the streets of Majesta. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a homeless man. I notion for 7268 to go ahead without me. I cautiously walk too wards the stranger. I step a little closer.

Then he grabs my wrist.

(A/N: Sorry it's so short! It's just an introduction thingy. Comment if I should continue!)

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