7272 is a curious 14 year old girl, who finds new information that will change her life. She gets herself and best friend into some serious trouble. Is it all for a good cause, or is it useless?


4. Chapter Four

--7272's POV--

Yesterday was so mumbled. Who was that homeless guy? He claimed to be my grandfather. After he tried to kill me, that possibility sure got crossed out! So hopefully that guy is dead. (She's getting feisty now :P)

7268 woke up with a pretty sore arm, and various bruises that range from being the size of a pinky finger nail to a baseball. I have tonnes of questions that I need to ask her! Let's start with the basics.

"How do you know that guy?" I quizzed.

"He's an old enemy. I knew he would try to capture you." She replies glumly.

"Is that really my name? Elizabeth Lee Callary?" I ask again.

"Yes. The man speaks the truth."

"Who are you?" 7268 tenses, and relaxes.

"I am Rowan Edsen." 7268, Rowan says. I am guessing that is a touchy topic, so I just continue quizzing Rowan.

"Can I call you Rowan?"

"Not around the Numbered."

"Why are you here? You knew your name, you should be gone!"

"I am here to guard you. I am your Guardian."

"How old are you?" This is my last question.

"Same age as you." Rowan states plainly. I stop talking for now. I see Rowan reach under her bed and pull out two clear pieces of glass, each about half a foot (6 inches) long. She hands one to me and keeps the other for herself.

"Use this to contact me. It is called a CellGlass. Similar to a cellphone in the old days. We can message each other and call too." Rowan explains. I touch the centre of the CellGlass and it lights up. It tells me my name and gives me options to message, call, or scan. I choose message and the CellGlass brings up a new screen! I select the contact 'Rowan Edsen-7268' and send a message by just thinking it! This is so cool!Rowan sends me a message back! This is too awesome to be true.

Rowan stands up and gathers some supplies. She grabs a backpack and puts a knife, 4 apples, 2 sandwiches, a small medikit, and her CellGlass. I pack another bag the same way. Rowan picks up her sword and sheaths it, so the sword disappears. Nobody would know it was there. She rummages under her bed again and comes up with a sword similar to her's. Rowan hands me the sword.

"It's made to fit your hand perfectly. Nothing is able to break this sword. Be careful." Rowan warns me. I take the sword and notice a small engraving near the hilt (handle). It says 'Elizabeth Lee Callary'. My name. The sword is balanced perfectly in my hands. I sheath it and the sword and sheath turn invisible. Pretty darn cool.

Rowan signals me to follow and we leave our room, never to return. Ever.

Author's note: if you have questions or character requests, Kik me at: red_phoenixx


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