Talk Dirty To Me

Madison isn't your average 19 year old girl, she is slightly off from all her friends. Her job is rough and dirty, but its not like she likes it, she was forced into a murderous line of work that involves lots of stuff any normal teenager couldn't handle. But the reason she stays? That's the big question that seems to float around for everyone, she has fallen in love. But her love is a secret. If she leaves, she's leaving the best thing that has ever happened to her...


1. Chapter 1

Never look back.

Don't look back.

Keep going.

I hear my own words replay in my head. Its been like that for about 9 months now, I am on my way to Britain and I cant stop thinking about what will happen in the next two weeks. My team and I have exactly two weeks to find and kill this guy his name is Aurdre Durand. He owns like 6 strip clubs around the city of London, and his killing off people like flies. You know how it is with these rich people they just want more money, and they'd do just about anything to get it. He is only 28 years old, and killed his family 6 years ago because he was insane. He ran off and no one could find him, the FBI and every association have been looking for him since then. He was just spotted about 3 days ago in London and we were sent out right away to track him down. According to the recourses he is a trained killer and no one has gotten past him. He kills with no thought and I will admit it scares me, but I will finish him off. I have too.

"Madi?" Cam shakes me, and I look over to him from looking out the airplane window. Cam is my partner, we are very close, like best friends. Last year the rest of the team joined us, and we are now a team kind of like S.W.A.T. but I guess fewer people. He looks at me with his brown eyes and a piece of his dark brow hair slightly falling in his face. "You ready for this?" he asks me, and I seem unsure I am always ready for a mission or anything for that matter, but right now I seem to be hesitating. Landing in 3 minutes. I look up to the ceiling of the plane and think about everything, I am ready. I have to be ready for this, I can't and I wont back out now. This is what I am, not by choice but by chance and I have to live with the fact that I am a murderer. I am a murderer... I'll never know the exact reason to why I am here but I will play along like its what I want to do. "Madi?" Cam shakes me once again pulling me out of my thoughts. "Mhm?" I murmur and he just directs his head to the other boys standing up holding their bags waiting for me. I get up from my seat and we all make our out to the warm night air making me smile. 


"Take your shit off my bed or I will hurt you Jay I swear" I warn and he slowly pulls his dirty shirt from the pillows, and walks away still looking at me. "Thank you" I say but I know he's left the room already. This place is so small for 6 members to sleep in, and it smells like weed, fucking Brent. These people act like they've never seen a pissed off female before. Geez, I am a moody person at time yes, but they have to deal with it because I deal with them every day. "Brent, can you please take your ass outside." I ask, but in a demanding tone, he knew that so he quickly left the room. "Hey man" I hear him say and the door closes, "Did he give you another cot?" I query , and he just shakes his head as I turn to look over my shoulder. "Is there even a coffee maker?" I interrogate him and he laughs, "Madi, its alright there is a Starbucks across the road." Cam announces and it raises my hope for this place, coffee is all I need at times like this. "Fine." I abort the topic and he hugs me from behind "Its okay" he whispers, and pulls away from me. "Where you going?" I once again throw another question out, "To Starbucks" he says with his little smirk and I smile at him as he leaves.       

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