Elapsed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Harry loses his memory, comes with it his life and her.
Getting his life back on track he starts up school again in his last year and meets someone new but is convince that there not right for each other even though he has never felt that way towards anyone before. But is he willing and able to give up his first love for his new love?


1. Prologue



Entering my car and wiping off the remaining tears that fell, I break down again.

Why am I leaving our house in the night? And why am I crying? My subconscious questioned.

Turning on the car I backed out of the car port, whilst constantly checking myself in the rear view mirror to make sure it was me and not someone else I’m playing.

I want to go back into my warm bed and lay next to my true love.

Where am I going?! I screamed.

But I don’t stop.

Pulling onto the freeway, my vision blurs from the tears that sting in my eyes.

“…Next thing I know I’m lying in a hospital bed with constant beeping that goes off every second adding on to my headache and lights flashing that illumine the dark room. It felt like I was laying on what seemed like a brick but it’s quite soft at the same time if that makes sense.”

“hmm… keep going, this is good”

“And u-umm I hear quiet sobs from the other side of the door that is in front of me an-“


“So Harry do you remember anything before all this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean.” she sighed and leaned closer making me feel uncomfortable and shift.

“Before you got into the car do you remember anything that happened?”


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