Elapsed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Harry loses his memory, comes with it his life and her.
Getting his life back on track he starts up school again in his last year and meets someone new but is convince that there not right for each other even though he has never felt that way towards anyone before. But is he willing and able to give up his first love for his new love?


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Harry’s POV:

Collapsing into bed and pulling up the sheets over my bare stomach and legs, I try to comprehend what happened today. Did I really make friends or was it a dream? Either way I didn’t want to wake up.

Tonight I stayed up tossing and turning but not for the usual reason but for someone else before I fell into unconsciousness.




Couple of weeks later:

“S-so you lost your memory in a car accident?” She asked for the third time. I didn’t need to confirm it anymore not because I already confirmed it two times but because I know she’s trying to understand what happen herself.

“A-and you can’t remember?”

I just nod.

“A-and all your friends just left you?”

Sighing I Nod.

“A-and and do people always react this way when you tell them?” She sobbed into my shoulder.

Wow. I didn’t expect her to be sad let alone be crying her eyes out over me. Like I wanted people to be aware of what  had happened and be a bit sad for me but I never wanted people to pity me and try to understand what I am going through because if my mum and sister cannot understand and accept it, how can a stranger understand.

“Umm actually you’re the first person I have told…” I whisper into her hair which is true. People just hear rumours about what had happen and look at me as if I am a freak which I did expect but the feeling I can never get used to because it is varies from school to school but the funny thing is before the accident I was that person that looked down at people that are different and it’s funny how I’m that person now.

“What?” she questioned as she took her face off my shoulder to look at my neutral one.


“Really? I’m such a baby!”

“No, no you’re not.” I argued. “If it helps you reacted in the way I hoped people would react if I actually told people” I reasoned trying to be positive when in secret it’s breaking my heart seeing her this vulnerable. I pull her into a hug nuzzling into her neck to try to stop the tears not just from her now.

“Hey! I thought I was supposed to make you feel better not you!” she giggled. “Thanks anyways”

“That’s why I’m here” I joked which made her smile and evidently made me smile.


Two months later:

“Morning Harry” she smiled as I walked into the café since we agreed to meet there before school started.

It’s fair to say that me and Echo have been getting really close from the last couple of months we have spent together and when we are not together physically we are either messaging weird things and pictures to one another hoping to make them laugh or on the phone together.

“Good morning, mi lady” I replied in my most poshes voice whilst bowing which made her laugh and my dimples pop.

When we both get settled at a booth hidden in the corner of the shop, I order a black cappuccino large, two cheese and ham toasties and a cup of green tea for Echo and I added mi lady again which made her smile referencing the old movies she made me watch whilst we hung out at her house noting that I watched her more than the actual movie as she mouthed each word as the movie progressed further and further.

“So, how’s it going since the last time I saw you which was I think yesterday at school?” I started as I tapped my chin quickly noticing she wasn’t paying attention to me but stared straight past my head looking upset.

“What’s wrong” I asked as I turn my head to only being face with the waitress who was currently making our coffees.

Taking my toasty hands out of my pocket into the somewhat cold air from people opening and closing the door, I wave them in front of her face, “Echo, hello. Earth to Echo”

“I’m sorry what?” she questioned as she shuck her head and focussed on me.

“Nothing I just asked you how you were.” I answered when she looked passed my head again. “What’s going on behind me that is so fascinating,” I asked as I turn my head again and lock eyes with the waitress just long enough for her to winks at me. Nothing else caught my eye. What was she seriously looking at? There was nothing.

“What’s gotten into you?” I quizzed as I turned back around to meet her eye making her look down and play with her bracelets.

‘You seriously don’t see it?” She probed as I shuck my head no.

“See what?” I questioned, looking around the small café once again. What is she looking at that I can’t see?

Before she could answer the waitress came back with our orders. Finally I am starving.

“Here is your cappuccino, two toasties and your coffee” she recited as the waitress placed the items down one by one.

“Wait. We ordered green tea instead of…” I try explaining when I get interrupted.

“I-I-it’s ok Harry, I-I like coffee” she reasoned.

“What? No you don’t, you gave me a long lecture about how tea was better for you and stuff, I to be honest I do not remember” I argued, “and you said you hated the taste of it as well”

“Really? I am sorry,” the waitress explained as Echo try to interrupt but couldn’t get through so opt to giving me a cold hard look from across the small table which I smiled in return to spite her. “I’ll go get your tea.” I thanked her as she placed the tray under her arm and walked away to get Echo’s tea.

“What was that about?” I interrogated as I took a small sip out of the drink being aware of how hot it is when she replied nothing.

“ohh really? You hate, I mean really hate coffee to the point where you can’t stand the smell which is weird with you suggesting meeting here in the first place, why did you try to stop me? And what has you distracted before?”

“Hey, they got good toasties here,” she reasoned “and what’s with all the questions?”

Knowing and listening is the key to understanding” I quoted. Whatever she is hiding is getting me more curious as the seconds pass. I mean how bad is it that you cannot tell your best friend?

She was about to answer me when the door bells chimed which indicated someone has enter which grabs the attention of Echo since she was facing the door. Suddenly she gasp as I turn around to inspect who she was staring at.


Who is this guy?


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